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Christ-followers offer Christ and His peace - when believed on, all are brothers.Deuteronomy 20:9-11Deuteronomy 20:9-15Believe God, Gospel, Those Who Trust God
Christ-followers present the Gospel and fight spiritually over time (with spiritual weapons: Bible, truth, prayer, love, good deeds, fasting) to win to Christ those who initially may reject the Gospel.Deuteronomy 20:11-15Deuteronomy 20:9-15Spiritual Weapons, Gospel, Spiritual War
It is God’s righteousness that the redeemed gladly declare in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.Psalm 22:13Psalm 22:1-31Gospel, Righteousness, Witnessing
Profoundly significant and to be rewarded are those IN CHRIST who point others to Jesus Christ.Daniel 12:3Daniel 12:1-13Gospel, Rewards, Witness
God gives His kingdom - His Story, His Word, His Purposes, His Son, His Spirit - into the heart of believers who will receive it and exercise it.Matthew 21:34, 42-43Matthew 21:33-46kingdom, gospel, stewardship
Those who receive God's kingdom - His Story, His Word, His Purposes, His Son, His Spirit, His Rule - are expected to LIVE IT, PROCLAIM IT, and by God's grace, SEE THE KINGDOM INCREASE.Matthew 21:34, 42-43Matthew 21:33-46kingdom, gospel, stewardship
God's grace Gospel is planted in the heart of believers to produce over time Gospel fruits - new believers, new kingdom members.Matthew 21:34, 42-43Matthew 21:33-46kingdom, gospel, stewardship
What one does - receive or reject - God's grace Gospel will determine their future with God.Matthew 21:35, 44-46Matthew 21:33-46kingdom, gospel, stewardship
Those sent with the gospel may begin by telling the life of Jesus.Mark 1:1Mark 1:1gospel, Jesus, One sent
The message of the Gospel is to be believed.Mark 1:14,15Mark 1:14,15believe, gospel
Society's rejected people may be the best candidates to receive the Gospel of Christ.Mark 2:17Mark 2:15-17gospel, Rejected
The Gospel is needed in small venues and large alike.Mark 6:6bMark 6:6Evangelism, gospel, venues
The gospel will go to all people groups before the end comes.Mark 13:10Mark 13:10People groups, nations, end times, gospel
"Every creature" - preach, proclaim, publish the Gospel of Jesus Christ (death, burial, resurrection, ascension) to every creature; rich & poor, tribal villages & cities, illiterate & literate, religious & nonreligious, uninterested & interested, old & young.Mark 16:15Mark 16:1-20proclaim, gospel, Jesus Christ
The LORD Jesus Christ sits reigning at God's right hand right now.Mark 16:19Mark 16:1-20gospel, Jesus Christ, resurrection
The proclaiming of the Gospel will be followed with these signs - cast out demons, speak new languages, handle snakes or drink poison without harm, lay nads on the sick and the sick will be made well.Mark 16:17-18Mark 16:1-20proclaim, gospel, signs
Christ-followers should seek and capitalize on whatever God-given opportunities to meet with spiritually needy people in order to share with them God's saving Gospel News in Christ.Luke 15:1-2Luke 15:1-32Gospel, Bear Witness, Opportunities
Those who follow Christ seek the lost to share with them God's saving news in Jesus Christ.Luke 19:10Luke 19:10Gospel, Bear Witness, Unsaved
Sometimes you have to break from popular cultural 'norms' to share the Gospel with one in need of a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.John 4:9-10John 4:1-54Gospel, Witness, Culture
God grants to those IN CHRIST walking in obedience by faith to 'see' those who need Christ and leads them to share the Gospel.John 4:35, John 4:39-41John 4:1-54Gospel, In Christ, Witnessing
Those IN CHRIST and full of the Holy Spirit can speak God's Word - the Gospel - boldly even in the face of direct opposition.Acts 7:1-60, Acts 6:5-8Acts 7:1-60Gospel, Distributed God's Word, Spirit-filled
The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a predominant part of Gospel preaching and teaching.Acts 25:19Acts 25:19Gospel, Resurrection, Trust Jesus
God sends His grace Gospel to remote locations - even sending it via a calamity to some.Acts 28:7-10, Acts 27:1-44Acts 28:7-10Gospel, Difficult Situations, Great Commission
The Gospel of Christ needs to be taught new believers IN CHRIST so they are established firmly in the life of Christ - from faith - and continue to obey God (live) by faith.Romans 1:9-17Romans 1:9-17Gospel, Discipleship, Strengthen Believers
Those who reject or abandon the Gospel of Christ experience a 'shipwreck of a life.'1 Timothy 1:18-201 Timothy 1:18-20gospel, reject
After charging an up and coming spiritual leader to keep the message of the Gospel clear of error, a mentor exhorts him to be a man of prayer - encouraging him to stir others to all kinds of praying for all people (even leaders in society).1 Timothy 2:1-41 Timothy 2:1-4spiritual leaders, gospel, prayer
The body of Christ is to be a prayer force so the society is peaceful so the saving Gospel can be spread with more coming to know Jesus Christ as Savior.1 Timothy 2:1-41 Timothy 2:1-4spiritual leaders, gospel, prayer
Those IN CHRIST with a proclamation gift are to teach no other (no variation) doctrine than (1) God desires all men to be saved, (2) the saved to increasingly know Divine truth, (3) truth of which there is one indeed God, (4) there is one Mediator (Jesus Christ) between God and men, (5) THIS JESUS gave Himself a ransom for all (ransom being what is given in exchange for another as the price of his redemption), (6) the giving of Himself testified to or attested to at the proper time - THIS DOCTRINE is the truth we IN CHRIST proclaim, carry to others, speak, and teach.1 Timothy 2:5-7, 1 Timothy 1:31 Timothy 2:5-7gospel, truth, doctrine
An apostle of Jesus is one whose assignment is to announce (especially to hose who haven't heard) life is found in Jesus Christ.2 Timothy 1:12 Timothy 1:1-3gospel, apostle, assignment
Son who serve God faithfully by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and explaining God's Word will be considered an evildoer or incarcerated in prison.2 Timothy 2:8-92 Timothy 2:8-10gospel, God's Word, faithfulness
Followers of Christ are to endure whatever hardships come in order to proclaim and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the only Hope of salvation.2 Timothy 2:8-132 Timothy 2:11-13gospel, faithful, endure