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Treasures for 'Good Works'

Women IN CHRIST let their God-ward heart and good works (ordained by God) serve as a platform to collaborate with God in His desire to see all men saved.1 Timothy 2:9-101 Timothy 2:9-10good works, women, salvation
Being highly involved in (rich in) good works builds a good foundation for that which is life indeed - real life, meaningful life.1 Timothy 6:17-191 Timothy 6:17-19responsible, good works, riches
Jesus Christ gave Himself as the ransom price to set free every believer from every kind of evil (iniquity, sin) AND to make clean from every kind of evil His own special, selected people - a people zealous or fervent (passionate) to do good works designed for them.Titus 2:14, Ephesians 2:10Titus 2:14good works, Jesus Christ, redeemed
Jesus Christ gave Himself so those IN HIM could be (1) free from evil acts and (2) passionate for good acts - doing what God has designed.Titus 2:14, Ephesians 2:10Titus 2:14good works, Jesus Christ, redeemed
Christ-followers are urged to learn by experience the value of engaging in or applying oneself in good works (even honest labor) so that they can meet urgent or pressing needs that arise - meeting such needs produces fruit.Titus 3:14Titus 3:12-15good works, fruit, Christ-followers