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Treasures for 'Godliness'

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Your critics / enemies / opposers will not likely appreciate your actions no matter how Godward the actions.1 Chronicles 15:291 Chronicles 15criticism, opposition, godliness
The truths and injunctions in 1 Timothy (chapters 1-6) are given as guidelines to the body of Christ in order to know how to carry on as the family of God - the structure of the family of God; who is in charge, their qualifications and functions; the interactions of those within the body of Christ --- all with godliness (piety, revernce for God) at the core in the light of the revelation of Jesus Christ (all that is in that revelation).1 Timothy 3:14-161 Timothy 3:14-16service, body of Christ, godliness
Spiritual training leading to godliness is beneficial to all of one's life.1 Timothy 4:6-81 Timothy 4:6-11training, beneficial, godliness