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God will bring to pass His Word.Deuteronomy 12:29Deuteronomy 12:29faithful, God's Word
God's people are to do what He says - not taking from it or adding to it.Deuteronomy 12:32Deuteronomy 12:32God's Word, obedience
Spiritual leaders are responsible to speak God's Word to God's people.Deuteronomy 17:1,2Deuteronomy 17:1,2responsible, God's Word, spiritual leaders
Leaders of God's people need to learn well God's Word.Deuteronomy 17:18-20Deuteronomy 17:18-20God's Word, leaders, spiritual leaders
Leaders of God's people are to practice God's Word - carefully and thoroughly.Deuteronomy 17:18-20Deuteronomy 17:18-20God's Word, leaders, spiritual leaders
Christ-followers are to blamelessly practice God's Word.Deuteronomy 18:9-13Deuteronomy 18:9-13God's Word, religious practices, Blameless
God gives what He wants said to His spokesperson.Deuteronomy 18:17,18Deuteronomy 18:17,18spiritual leaders, God's Word
Those who reject or ignore God's Word spoken by His spokesperson will have to account to God for such.Deuteronomy 18:19Deuteronomy 18:19accountability, God's Word, Ignore God
Time should be taken in public to acknowledge fulfillment of God's Word.Deuteronomy 26:1-20Deuteronomy 26:1-20Public worship, God's Word
Praising God for fulfilling His Word may involve special offerings brought by all who will praise Him.Deuteronomy 26:1-20Deuteronomy 26:1-20offerings, Praise God, God's Word
Spiritual leaders are to charge those they lead to keep God's Word.Deuteronomy 27:1Deuteronomy 27:1spiritual leaders, God's Word
When God's people return to Him, they come to obey His Word with all of heart and soul.Deuteronomy 30:10Deuteronomy 30:10Return to God, God's Word, obedience
Obeying God's Word is not too difficult, nor is it beyond reach of God's people.Deuteronomy 30:11-14Deuteronomy 30:11-14God's people, obedience, God's Word
Spiritual leaders are to periodically review publicly with God's people what God has said.Deuteronomy 31:9-13Deuteronomy 31:9-13God's people, God's Word, spiritual leaders
The people need to know God's Word so they will fear the LORD and so they will follow Him.Deuteronomy 31:12,13Deuteronomy 31:12,13Follow God, fear God, God's Word
Spiritual leaders must keep God's Word before the people of God.Deuteronomy 31:24ffDeuteronomy 31:24ffspiritual leaders, God's Word
God's Word to a recipient soul is like water to a tender young plant.Deuteronomy 32:1,2Deuteronomy 32:1,2God's Word, Growth
Real life is found in God's Word.Deuteronomy 32:47Deuteronomy 32:47God's Word, life
The manifest presence of God (which comes to His children in close communion with Him) is conditioned on honoring God's Word with obedience by faith out of devotion to Him.1 Kings 9:3-91 Kings 9God's Word, intimacy with God, presence of God
God gives His Word to those servants He chooses to deliver, in His name, certain 'calling out' of sin(s).1 Kings 16:1, 7, 12-131 Kings 16disciple, God's Word, sin
Some who rise to leadership among God's people have no regard for God or His Word.1 Kings 16:30-331 Kings 16God's Word, leadership, disobedience
God many choose to extend some more mercy toward one who humbles himself greatly on the word of God's judgment / condemnation.1 Kings 21:28-291 Kings 21God's Word, God's mercy, humility
A prophet or spokesman for God will have to have (1) Holy Spirit enabled boldness to speak judgment / condemnation into the face of a king / national leader and have to (2) be certain of the word he got from God.1 Kings 22:17, 281 Kings 22God's Word, boldness, prophet
Sometimes a faithful messenger / prophet of God is given by God a negative / judgmental (even death sentence) word to pass on to the people.2 Kings 1:3-42 Kings 1God's Word, judgment, faithfulness
A spiritual leader who is being used by God speaks to (1) orient / the people (society) to God and God's Word and to (2) encourage all to abandon idols / sins in order to (3) honor God with their life.2 Kings 11:12, 17-202 Kings 11God's Word, spiritual leaders, devotion
God extends mercy and grace to those who hear His Word with a tender heart humble themselves, weep, and seek His face.2 Kings 22:18-20 and 23:252 Kings 22listen to God, God's Word, seek God
One who delights in following God's Word will be stable, productive, durable, and successful.Psalm 1:2,3Psalm 1:2,3God's Word, Obedience, stable, productive, durable, successful
The words of the LORD are flawless - pure as can be.Psalm 12:6Psalm 12:6pure, God's Word
The words of the LORD are pure words.Psalm 12:6Psalm 12:6God's Word, Pure, pure words
God's Word is perfect, trustworthy, right, radiant, pure, sure, and righteous.Psalm 19:7-9Psalm 19:7-9God's Word, Perfect, trustworthy, right, radiant, pure, sure, righteous
God's Word is sure, making wise the simple.Psalm 19:7bPsalm 19:7God's Word, Sure, makes wise, simple
God's Word is more precious than gold.Psalm 19:10Psalm 19:10God's Word, Precious, gold
Keeping God's Word brings great reward.Psalm 19:11Psalm 19:11Obedience, reward, God's Word
God's Word - His light and truth - lead followers into the personal presence of God.Psalm 43:3,4Psalm 43:3,4Truth, light, followers, presence of God, God's Word
Blessed is the one God teaches and trains from His Word.Psalm 94:12Psalm 94:12God's Word, Blessed, teaches, trains, instructs
Those who live God's Word have a good understanding.Psalm 111:10bPsalm 111:10God's Word, Good understanding
From a humble heart, one would do well to remain in God's Word daily - applying it to life daily.Proverbs 3:1-3, 34Proverbs 3daily life, God's Word, obedience
Those who despise and disobey God's Word pay a high price.Proverbs 5:12-13Proverbs 5God's Word, judgment, disobedience
Those who treasure God's Word will find God's Word will keep them IN righteousness and OUT OF sin.Proverbs 7:1-5Proverbs 7God's Word, obey, sin
The value of 'wisdom from God' is beyond comparison.Proverbs 8:10-11Proverbs 8God's Word, wisdom, valuable
Those who do God's Word as a way of life will be rewarded.Proverbs 13:13Proverbs 13God's Word, rewards, obedience
God-honoring wise counsel should be part of the planning for Christ-followers.Proverbs 20:18Proverbs 20wisdom, God's Word, counsel
As sure as eating a honeycomb is sweet on the tongue, so is the knowledge of God's wisdom by a Christ-follower to his soul - along with a real, meaningful future.Proverbs 24:13-14Proverbs 24listen to God, wisdom, God's Word
God's Word is the final word.Isaiah 7:7Isaiah 7:7God's Word, Final word
Disciples need God's Word.Isaiah 8:17Isaiah 8:16-17disciples, God's Word
Understanding the Word of God is a gift from God.Daniel 9:22Daniel 9:22grace, God's Word, understanding
When a message comes from God, God's people need to consider carefully the words.Daniel 10:10,11Daniel 10:10,11Message, consider, careful, God's Word
God fulfills what He says He will do.Mark 1:4Mark 1:4Fulfillment, God's Word
Spiritual leaders know they must give the people God's Word.Mark 1:1,2Mark 2:1,2spiritual leaders, God's Word
When a crowd - drawn by God - gathers, it would be a great time to teach them God's Word.Mark 2:13Mark 2:13Crowd, God's Word, teach
Sometimes crowds gather to hear the teaching of God's Word.Mark 4:1,2Mark 4:1,2teaching, God's Word, crowds
It is appropriate to teach God's Word using stories and analogies.Mark 4:1,2Mark 4:1,2God's Word, stories, teach
A teacher needs to be ready to teach God's Word.Mark 4:1,2Mark 4:1,2ready, God's Word, teach
Some ministry of the Word will not produce fruit or a particular anticipated outcome.Mark 4:13-19Mark 4:13-19God's Word, fruit, teach
Some ministry of the Word will produce much fruit and an anticipated outcome.Mark 4:20Mark 4:13-20God's Word, fruit, teach
Those who 'sow' God's Word anticipate some fruitful results or outcome.Mark 4:14,20Mark 4:14,20God's Word, fruit, teach
As a lamp is intended for light, so the Word of God is intended to be fruitful.Mark 4:21-23Mark 4:21-23Fruitful, God's Word
Distribution of God's Word as distribution of light is not to be intentionally limited or restricted.Mark 4:21-23Mark 4:21-23God's Word, Distributed God's Word
God's Word OPEN reveals and discloses things, situations, and attitudes.Mark 4:21-23Mark 4:21-23God's Word, reveal, God's Word open
The Word of God is to be considered - given a thoughtful hearing.Mark 4:24,25Mark 4:24,25Think, God's Word, hear
More - word or insight - will be given to those who are receiving the Word.Mark 4:24,25Mark 4:24,25God's Word, Receptive to God's Word
Those who discard the Word will loose that and more.Mark 4:24,25Mark 4:24,25God's Word, Discard God's Word
Spiritual leaders need to know God's Word.Mark 9:11-13Mark 9:11-13spiritual leaders, God's Word
It is important to spend time in God's Word.Mark 9:13Mark 9:13God's Word, time
Those who are afraid of the LORD and the impact of His teaching may want to kill those who teach the Word.Mark 11:18Mark 11:18God's Word
Those open to the truth find the truth of God amazing.Mark 11:18Mark 11:18God's Word, Truth, amazing
Those who disagree with the teaching of Jesus may plot against those bringing the message.Mark 12:12Mark 12:12Disagree, oppose, messenger, God's Word
Those who get into God's Word come close to eternal life.Mark 12:28Mark 12:28God's Word, Eternal life, close
Those without Christ may find teaching about Christ and the kingdom delightful.Mark 12:37Mark 12:37Delightful, kingdom, teaching, God's Word
God's Word will stand true forever.Mark 13:31Mark 13:31Forever, true, God's Word
Though all creation will collapse, the Word of God will stand forever.Mark 13:31Mark 13:31God's Word, Forever, creation, collapse
God's Word - prophecies - will be fulfilled as a matter of fact.Mark 14:21Mark 14:21God's Word, Prophecies, fulfilled
When a Christ-follower experiences true, heart-level brokenness over his sins against the LORD - realizing "the Word of God is true and I am wrong," - that one is coming closer to knowing victory over sin through Christ.Mark 14:72Mark 14:32-72God's Word, victory, brokenness
Some are still startled at the fulfillment of God's Word.Mark 16:6-8Mark 16:6-8Sure, fulfilled, startled, God's Word
A lack of real love for the LORD is the main reason behind disobedience to God's Word.John 14:24-26John 14:24-26God's Word, love God, disobedience
The Father told Jesus that lack of love is behind disobedience to God's Word.John 14:24John 14:24-26God's Word, love God, disobedience
Oh, how the LORD wants those who are His to trust Him - believe His every word.John 14:28-29John 14:28-31God's Word, believe God
Those IN CHRIST who do God's will - what all God commands of them - show the world and its ruler they love Father supremely.John 14:30-31John 14:28-31God's Word, love God, obedience
Those IN CHRIST who are staying intimately related to Christ and in whom the Word of God is staying active ARE TO ASK what they desire (as yielded, submissive servants) and what they ask will as a matter of fact be done for them.John 15:7John 15:1-7God's Word, in Christ, obedience
There is a great joy to be experienced and owned by disciples of Jesus who come to know (1) He lives eternally at God's right hand and (2) all the promises (Word and words) of Jesus and Father are true.John 16:16-22John 16:16-22God's Word, joy, Christ-followers
Once a follower of Jesus experiences Jesus alive (revelation of Jesus) and a confirmation of His promised Word (words revealed or fulfilled) the "heart joy" they experience cannot be taken from them.John 16:16-22John 16:16-22God's Word, joy, Christ-followers
Those with spiritual authority from the LORD need from time to time to exercise that authority to urge obedience to the Spirit and the Word of God.2 Corinthians 10:1-62 Corinthians 10God's Word, authority, obedience
To rebuke or oppose a brother in sin - do so to his face (personally, face to face) with the Word of God and in the grace of God.Galatians 2:11-14Galatians 2God's Word, rebuke, confront
The size of one's SHIELD OF FAITH is proportionate to the (1) knowledge / assurance of his / her salvation (place in Christ) and the (2) working knowledge of Scripture (the amount of and ability to apply in life). Ephesians 6:16-17Ephesians 6God's Word, faith, knowledge
Christ-followers must HOLD FAST GOD'S WORD - especially in these later days.Philippians 2:16Philippians 2dedication, God's Word, faithfulness
Spiritual leaders and their churches need strictly warned to not deviate from the sound teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the practice of God's Word.1 Timothy 1:31 Timothy 1:3God's Word, spiritual leaders, doctrine
Churches must be on guard of God's Word (Truth, Bible) because some (proclaimers) (1) have strayed from solid doctrine, (2) have turned to empty words, (3) and wish to be (known as) experts in the Bible - but lack Spirit-granted understanding of God's Word.1 Timothy 1:6-71 Timothy 1:4-7God's Word, teachers, churches
A spiritual leader IN CHRIST entrusts to his protégé the injunction to "teach NO other doctrine" - the Gospel is 'eternal life experienced by faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ' - because of the spiritual endowments he sees in the protégé urging him to exercise those endowments to their fullest while trusting in God and keeping a clear conscience.1 Timothy 1:18-201 Timothy 1:18-20disciple-maker, God's Word, stewardship
A spiritual leader or disciple maker may be aware of a prophetic word or prompting identifying one to whom he is to commit or entrust the Word of God for the purpose of proclamation and propagation of God's Word.1 Timothy 1:181 Timothy 1:18disciple-maker, God's Word, stewardship
Those IN CHRIST need to know (and act on) the whole of what God says about a matter - knowing His Word thoroughly, believing the Word, and living according to the Word.1 Timothy 4:1-51 Timothy 4:1-5God's Word, truth, obedience
Those who (1) serve the body of Christ (assembly of believers) well as superintendents and (2) work exhaustively in the Word and teaching the Word are worthy of double honor or respects in the body of Christ.1 Timothy 5:17-181 Timothy 5:17-20God's Word, teaching, spiritual leaders
Proper superintending and teaching of the Word may well involve exhaustive labor (much effort) in the Word.1 Timothy 5:171 Timothy 5:17-20God's Word, teaching, spiritual leaders
Spiritual leaders are to repeatedly teach and exhort the Christ-followers they influence (1) to consider those (even unbelievers) they work for worth respecting and honoring (2) expressing a good work ethic SO the name of God and the teachings of God may not be blasphemed AND those who work for believers (Christ-followers) (1) to not look down on (take advantage of) them just because they too follow Christ but (2) give them good service because believers and beloved are benefited.1 Timothy 6:1-21 Timothy 6:1-2God's Word, teach, spiritual leaders
Stay with Jesus' teaching and what is spiritually healthy and be content in Christ.1 Timothy 6:3-51 Timothy 6:3-5in Christ, God's Word, contentment
All the time, but more so in a day in which heresies and apostacy abound, a spiritual leader insists to his protégé to "exercise unbroken vigilence" on the teachings of God's Word as has been entrusted to you - avoiding (1) common, empty babling and (2) opposing ideas (falsely named knowledge) BECAUSE some have deviated from "truth faith teaching."1 Timothy 6:20-211 Timothy 6:20-21spiritual leaders, God's Word, truth
Spiritual leaders declare to those they influence, meticulously guard what teaching of God's truth has been entrusted to you and avoid deviating from the truth.1 Timothy 6:20-211 Timothy 6:20-21spiritual leaders, God's Word, truth
A spiritual leader in a time-period of general apostacy MUST (imperative, injunction) (1) draw empowerment out of the grace of God (verse 1), (2) commit God's Word and teachings to proven men capable of teaching others (verse 2), (3) endure troubles and hardships (verses 3-6), (4) ponder your instructions that God give you a fuller understanding of them (verse 7), (5) remember (time and again) the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the whole of God's Word is not chained (restrained) (verses 8-9), (6) remind the faithful men who will teach others - God is faithful and will keep His Word (verse 14), (7) exert energy to rightly deliver God's Word of truth (verse 15), (8) avoid vain conversations (verses 16-18), (9) depart, flee from sin and immature desires (verses 19-22), and (10) avoid arguments and disputes while focusing on patiently and humbly teaching God's truth.2 Timothy 2:1-262 Timothy 2:1-26God's Word, minister, spiritual leaders
Do I know how to recognize a faithful man? Do I know how to commit to others what has been given me? Can I recognize the truths taught me by God (as opposed to earthly, temporary truths) and thus worthy to be entrusted to others? Am I focusing on teaching those who are able to teach others also? Am I consciously depending upon God's gracious supply of strength and empowerment to address this calling of entrusting to faithful men the 'things of God' He has granted to me?2 Timothy 2:1-22 Timothy 2:1-2God's Word, faithful, spiritual leaders
Those IN CHRIST called and gifted to minister God's Word to others in strengthening up the body of Christ must (1) suffer hardships together with others, (2) stay focus on accomplishing the God-given assignment, (3) endeavor according to the revealed (to you) ways and means (strategies and provisions) given you, (4) work hard and long, and (5) keep yourself strong by taking in God's Word day by day (don't try to feed others what you haven't eaten yourself).2 Timothy 2:3-62 Timothy 2:3-6discipline, God's Word, spiritual leaders
All need reminded God's Word is not chained or restraint - it is working God's work in hearts and lives.2 Timothy 2:8-92 Timothy 2:8-10God's Word, remember, God's work
Son who serve God faithfully by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and explaining God's Word will be considered an evildoer or incarcerated in prison.2 Timothy 2:8-92 Timothy 2:8-10gospel, God's Word, faithfulness
If a follower of Christ doubt God's Word, God remains faithful and will keep His Word regardless - God cannot deny His own Word.2 Timothy 2:132 Timothy 2:11-13doubt, God's Word, God's work
An effective spiritual leader (1) acknowledges himself as a willingly submissive servant of God, (2) can name his gifting from the LORD, (3) affirms his trust in God as a chosen (by grace) one, (4) acknowledges the Truth, agrees or aligns with godliness - loving fear of God, reverence toward God - (5) lives out of the hope of God's promised eternal (kind of) life - knowing God cannot lie, (6) declares with his proclamation gift God's Gospel message, and (7) functions out of God's expressed will and Word.Titus 1:1-3Titus 1:1-3God's Word, submissive, spiritual leaders
How meaningful and beneficial for a senior spiritual leader to write an instructional letter to a young, up and coming spiritual leader - meaningful as the senior includes the both of them as recipients of the same salvation, grace, and peace from the LORD above and beneficial as the senior is passing on to the younger a Spirit-taught collection instructing him how the assemblies of believers are to carry on in Christ.Titus 1:4Titus 1:4God's Word, spiritual leaders, Holy Spirit
Spiritual leaders must know and hold fast to God's Word as taught by God's Spirit and confirmed - especially where assemblies of Christ-followers are relatively new or young in faith BECAUSE deceivers and false teachers - sometimes even professing knowledge of God (not actually under Christ's lordship) try to subvert those not grounded in sound doctrine.Titus 1:10-16Titus 1:10-16teaching, God's Word, elders
There are those who profess or assent to know God but their lives are consistently contradictory to knowing God (destable, hard-headed, unpersuadable) such are disqualified, unworthy, rejected from spiritual service - especially from leadership roles.Titus 1:10-16Titus 1:10-16teaching, God's Word, elders