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Treasures for 'God\'s Will'

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God wants His people to be holy.Leviticus 19:1,2Leviticus 19:1,2God's people, holiness, God's will
If peaceful attempts fail when facing opposition to God's will, do battle.Deuteronomy 20:10-14Deuteronomy 20:10-14War, God's will
The LORD works His will / purposes through the acts of men.1 Kings 12:13-15 and Proverbs 19:211 Kings 12God works, God's will, providence
God has / can manifest His life-giving power in unique ways according to His will / purposes.2 Kings 13:20-212 Kings 13God's ways, God's will, providence
Our prayers should be based on the true nature, character, and expressed will of God.2 Kings 19:15-19 key 18-192 Kings 19God's character, God's will, prayer
God can gather the people or resources to do His will - you don't have to be 'recruiting.'1 Chronicles 12:221 Chronicles 12provision, God's will, teamwork
Christ-followers may make their plans, but trust only the LORD to 'direct his / her steps' to do the LORD's will.Proverbs 16:9Proverbs 16God's will, plans, faith
God has always intended for governments to rule in righteousness.Proverbs 25:4-5Proverbs 25God's will, righteousness, government
Severe accusations may be leveled at those who do God's will in God's way.Mark 3:22Mark 3:22Accusations, God's ways, God's will
Doing God's will in Christ unites each and every Christ-follower in a spiritual relationship.Mark 3:34,35Mark 3:34,353relationship, God's will
God's will for us may not agree with our initial intentions.Mark 5:18-20Mark 5:18-20Not agree, God's will
Folks who express faith in Jesus Christ experience what He wants to do in them.Mark 5:28,29Mark 5:28,29faith, God's will
Those who surrender to the LORD will receive His blessing.Mark 5:33,34Mark 5:33,34surrender, God's will, God's blessings
Disciples may experience - in doing God's will - very trying situations.Mark 6:47-49Mark 6:47-49disciples, God's will, Difficulties
Those doing God's will may experience 'knit picking' interference from the mainstream religious community.Mark 7:1-5Mark 7:1-5religious community, Interference, God's will
No apparent limit can actually limit God from accomplishing His will and purpose.Mark 8:6-10Mark 8:6-10God's purposes, Limit, God's will
Divorce was never God's intention for His creations..Mark 10:2-9Mark 10:2-9Divorce, God's will
Those doing God's will may be challenged by the unregenerate religious leaders they encounter.Mark 11:27,28Mark 11:27,28Challenge, unregenerate, God's will
The Devil will see to it that someone is interested in bringing down one doing God's will.Mark 14:10,11Mark 14:10,11Devil, God's will
Intense, heart-generated prayer with an absolute surrender to God's will is the LORD's way to experience victory over temptation and the doing of His will.Mark 14:32-41Mark 14:32-72victory, surrender, God's will
How "able" are those who through surrender know they are undoubtedly doing God's will.Mark 14:49Mark 14:32-72surrender, God's will
Following God's will explicitly does not exempt one from experiencing overwhelming sorrow and distress.Mark 14:33,34Mark 14:33,34Exempt, sorrow, distress, God's will
Those who walk in the Spirit in obedience to God and His will (1) always please the Father and (2) never walk alone.John 8:16, 29John 8:16, 29God's will, pleasing God, Spirit-led
Like Jesus, every Christ-follower should humbly submit to carry out God's will - regardless of the course it takes - and obey Him all our days BECAUSE WE ARE GOING TO GOD.John 13:3-5, Hebrews 12:2John 13:3-5surrender, God's will, Christ-followers
Satan tries time and again to interfere with (1) God's plans and (2) those obeying God's will.John 14:30John 14:28-31God's will, satan, obedience
Satan had no leverage or foothold in Jesus.John 14:30John 14:28-31Jesus, God's will, satan
God 'sends' some as mobile or itinerate ministers and others as stationary ministers in fulfilling His assignments or purposes.Acts 21:7-8Acts 21:7-8service, God's will, calling
God's will is that Christ-followers live accurately (in the light) in Christ, use all time wisely, and do so filled with the Holy Spirit.Ephesians 5:15-18Ephesians 5God's will, Spirit-filled, obedience
Pursue and do God's will from your heart / genuinely / sincerely.Ephesians 6:6Ephesians 6God's will, sincerity, heart
Because God desires men to be saved, because God gave a Mediator (Jesus Christ), because the ransom has been paid for all, and because assigned ones are proclaiming the Gospel of Christ, spiritual leaders resolutely intend for men IN CHRIST to continue in prayer (two-way converse with God) in every place they go and gather - praying backed up by holy or set-apart life (without any anger or doubt toward God).1 Timothy 2:81 Timothy 2:8God's will, prayer, men
It is intended that men IN CHRIST with set-apart lives pray, pray, pray.1 Timothy 2:81 Timothy 2:8God's will, prayer, men