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Treasures for 'God\'s Ways'

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God always has a remnant - a group which walks in His ways, a light in darkness.1 Kings 11:361 Kings 11God's ways, remnant, walk with God
Some will fail to see God work in their life because they have preconceived ideas of God and how God will (in their mind, experience, or theories) work His work.2 Kings 5:10-122 Kings 5God's ways, God works, discernment
God can discharge an enemy of His people in whatever way He chooses (God is infinitely creative and omnipotent).2 Kings 7:62 Kings 7God's ways, victory, enemy
God has / can manifest His life-giving power in unique ways according to His will / purposes.2 Kings 13:20-212 Kings 13God's ways, God's will, providence
If the sins of God's people over generations only intensify with rebukes, chastenings, and scourgings, God will take more drastic actions toward them for His name's sake.2 Kings 17:1-18, 232 Kings 17God's ways, chastening, disobedience
God gives grace to some genealogical lines - more in one line than another - to do what is right in His eyes.1 Chronicles 3:9-161 Chronicles 3God's ways, grace, righteousness
The LORD chooses the one(s) to anoint (mark out) for a ministry assignment in His kingdom - revealing it to the one(s) and / or others.1 Chronicles 11:1-31 Chronicles 11God's ways, calling, anointing
Servants of God need not try to improve upon (change) God's way of doing His ministry unless God originates the change.1 Chronicles 15:12-151 Chronicles 15listen to God, God's ways, self-confident
At times God will use enemies or those in opposition to get a message to or set up a situation in regard to His people.Isaiah 8:3-8Isaiah 8:3-8Enemies, opposition, message,, God's ways
God allows or uses Satan's limited exercise of his limited resources; destructive power, deceit, and self-exultation.Daniel 8:23-25Daniel 8:23-25satan, sovereignty, God's ways
Severe accusations may be leveled at those who do God's will in God's way.Mark 3:22Mark 3:22Accusations, God's ways, God's will