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Treasures for 'God\'s Name'

As the temple (built by Solomon) in Jerusalem was to be a house 'for God's name' (reputation, character, face) so is the (body of) Christ-followers to 'house' God's name (reputation, character, face).1 Kings 5:3-5, 1 Corinthians 6:19-201 Kings 5God's name, body of Christ, character
God's name will endure forever.Psalm 72:17Psalm 72:17endure, God's name
It is no wonder the name of our God is great and awesome, worthy of praise, exaltation, and worship.Psalm 99:1-9Psalm 99:1-9God's name, worship, praise
God's name is to be praised today and forever more.Psalm 113:2Psalm 113:2God's name, Praise God, forever
It is a shame when people who carry God's name fail to acknowledge His lordship.Isaiah 1:2,3Isaiah 1:2,3Fail, acknowledge, God's lordship, God's name