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Treasures for 'God\'s Character'

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Our prayers should be based on the true nature, character, and expressed will of God.2 Kings 19:15-19 key 18-192 Kings 19God's character, God's will, prayer
God is Master of Breakthrough - Baal Perazim.1 Chronicles 14:10-111 Chronicles 14God works, Lord, God's character
Our God who has forgiven us all our sins through Jesus Christ sits (1) High above all in the heavens and (2) Holy (holy, holy, holy) set apart and above all REIGNING in a righteousness over all.Psalm 99:1-9Psalm 99:1-9awesome, God's character, God
God can reveal portions of His true character to whomever He chooses.Daniel 2:47Daniel 2:47revelation, God's character
It is a revelation from heaven when an idol worshipper recognizes and declares (1) God is the living God and (2) God is sovereign in heaven and on earth.Daniel 6:26-27, Matthew 16:16-17, 1 Corinthians 2:10-14Daniel 6:26-27revelation, God's character
To those who have obtained mercy unto eternal life in Jesus Christ, honor and glory forever and ever belongs to the KING of eternity - immortal (not perishable) and unseen - the only God, so be it!1 Timothy 1:171 Timothy 1:12-17God's character, mercy, praise