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God's creation of earth, sea, and sky as well as day and night along with vegetation and creatures and mankind was (1) instant, (2) beautiful beyond description, (3) awesome in extent, and (4) perfect in balance and character.Genesis 1:1-31Genesis 1:1-31Creation, Creator, God Works
From time to time God intervenes potently and directly on a large scale in the affairs of man.Genesis 11:7-9Genesis 11:7-9Circumstances, God Intervenes, God Works
God chooses to do His work through some whose deficiency is documented - just to continue to show HE IS GOD.Genesis 11:30Genesis 11:30Almighty God, God Works, Weakness
God will go to immediate, severe measures to protect from their enemies His children who have a future purpose to fulfill.Genesis 12:15-20Genesis 12:15-20God's Purposes, God Works, Protection
God many times prepares and transforms His chosen one(s) before a mighty work through them.Genesis 17:9-16Genesis 17:9-16God Is Sovereign, God Works, Transformation
God can and will accomplish His purposes for His chosen even in ways and at times it seems impossible.Genesis 18:10-14Genesis 18:10-14God's Purposes, God Works, Impossible
There may be a revelation of God or activity of God in a person or people group unknown to or unexpected by the Christ-follower who comes on the scene.Genesis 20:3-11Genesis 20:1-18God Works, Revelation, Surprise
God can work through what are the schemes of men to achieve His purposes for His people.Genesis 27:33Genesis 27:1-33God's Purposes, God Works, Plans
God brings His people to circumstances that help them see some former sins can have consequences later in life.Genesis 44:16-20Genesis 44:1-34Circumstances, Sins, God Works
Spiritual leaders need to understand sometimes obeying God by faith followed by God working signs and wonders does not immediately result in God's expressed outcome happening right away.Exodus 7:1-6Exodus 7:1-6Obedience, God Works, God's Will
God speaks and acts to demonstrate His faithfulness that His people might believe Him so they will obey Him in doing His will.Numbers 33:50-51Numbers 33:50-51Obedience, Faithfulness, God Works
Those who wholly (wholeheartedly, diligently) follow the LORD will (1) see the LORD work and (2) see what few others will see.Deuteronomy 1:36Deuteronomy 1:36Experience God, God Works, Whole Heart
God carries out His will and purposes utilizing all the time necessary - even 38 years or a long delay as men describe it.Deuteronomy 2:14-18Deuteronomy 2:8-24God Works, God's Timing, God's Will
Through various leaders God accomplishes various achievements among His people - using those selected leaders for selected purposes differently as He chooses.Deuteronomy 3:26-28Deuteronomy 3:23-29God Chooses, God Works, Spiritual Leaders
The LORD wants His people to (1) know Him, (2) know what He is saying to them, and (3) know what He has done for them.Deuteronomy 5:4-6Deuteronomy 5:1-10Experience God, God Speaks, God Works
God works to bring Christ-followers to know (as a matter of fact) that they need to live according to His Word - revelation of Himself to men.Deuteronomy 8:3Deuteronomy 8:3God's Word, God Works, Revelation
Some things are of such importance and of such high priority God does them Himself - involving His people in the process.Deuteronomy 10:1-5Deuteronomy 10:1-9God Is Sovereign, God Works, Priorities
God tells His leaders what He will do AND lets them know He will be with them in carrying it out.Deuteronomy 31:23Deuteronomy 31:23God works, God with, spiritual leaders
God works through His servants as He chooses.Deuteronomy 34:10-12Deuteronomy 34:10-12God works, spiritual leaders, God chooses
God's preferred man to work with is the humble man who will listen to the LORD and do what the LORD says do.Judges 6:14-16Judges 6:14-24Humble, God Works, Yielding
The LORD works His will / purposes through the acts of men.1 Kings 12:13-15 and Proverbs 19:211 Kings 12God works, God's will, providence
God acts to reveal Himself and His salvation to Gentiles as well as Hebrews by sending His messengers and working mighty acts - showing Himself merciful and mighty.1 Kings 17:17-241 Kings 17God works, revelation, salvation
Some will fail to see God work in their life because they have preconceived ideas of God and how God will (in their mind, experience, or theories) work His work.2 Kings 5:10-122 Kings 5God's ways, God works, discernment
Those who see God work (His might) and live may go away with the FEAR OF THE LORD in them.2 Kings 6:20-232 Kings 6God works, fear God
God can work through one of His servants (though from a line of spiritual failures) to bring about real, God-oriented, life-impacting revival to a nation - a returning to hearing what God says and doing it.2 Kings 18:1-8 and 2 Chronicles 29:1-10ff2 Kings 18God works, obedience, revival
God is Master of Breakthrough - Baal Perazim.1 Chronicles 14:10-111 Chronicles 14God works, Lord, God's character
God's sovereignty and power are manifests when He speaks and acts.Psalm 29:1-11Psalm 29:1-11God Speaks, God Works, God's Power
God's wonderful works toward His children are more than can be numbered.Psalm 40:5Psalm 40:5Wonderful, believers, numbered, God works
God's words contain strength and power to accomplish what He says.Psalm 68:33Psalm 68:33God's Word, God Works, God's Power
God's merciful and gracious acts toward people produce 'wonder' in the people toward God.Psalm 72:18Psalm 72:18Wondrous Works, Fear God, God Works
God is mighty to overcome those who would destroy His people!Psalm 76:6Psalm 76:6God Intervenes, God Works, God's Power
In the midst of God's discipline (training) of His people, they may be heard to cry, "Restore us to a place of intimacy with You, oh LORD."Psalm 80:1-19Psalm 80:1-19Discipline, God Works, Intimacy With God
I pray that God's activity (work) in my life is a witness (testimony) or message to those who know me - "the LORD has done this work."Psalm 109:26-27Psalm 109:26-27Testimony, God Works, Reflect On God's Works
As God is always alert and attentive to His people, so should Christ-followers always be alert and attentive to the LORD and to what He is saying and doing.Psalm 121:4, Mark 13:33-37, Colossians 3:2Psalm 121:4Experience God, God Works, Pay Attention
God sets up for His people great opportunities to which they don't always respond right.Isaiah 5:1-7Isaiah 5:1-7God works, Opportunities, respond, right
Those Christ-followers God is using among an idolatrous culture - even serving the government - may be promoted to very high ranking positions due to the wisdom, character, and revelation(s) given them by God.Daniel 2:48-49Daniel 2:26-49Grace, God Works, Idolatrous Culture
The living God can do what no idol worshipper can do.Daniel 3:27-28Daniel 3:26-45God Works, Idols, Living God
A faithful Christ-follower in an idolatrous culture may be highly rewarded and visible at one time yet quietly unknown at another time.Daniel 5:10-13, Daniel 2:48Daniel 5:1-31Faithful, God Works, Idolatrous Culture
The performing of miracles is not done to boost attendance or draw a crowd or collect an offering, but for God's glory.Matthew 8:4Matthew 8:1-4God Works, God's Glory, Miracle
The work of those obeying God by revelation and faith is sourced “from heaven.”Matthew 21:25Matthew 21:25Obey God, God Works, God's Power
God works in advance of His children or servants coming to minister.Mark 1:2,3Mark 1:2,3servants, God works, spiritual leaders
Observers will be amazed when they see the LORD work.Mark 2:12Mark 2:8-12God works, amazed
Family members are sometimes blinded from seeing God at work in one of their members.Mark 3:21Mark 3:21God works, blind, family
Unsaved sometimes react with fear when they encounter a miraculous work of God.Mark 5:14-17Mark 5:14-17God works, miracle, fear
Many who see Jesus work will want to be with Him.Mark 6:32-34Mark 6:32-34God works, with Jesus, See Jesus
Some will go out of their way to see Jesus do His work.Mark 6:32-34Mark 6:32-34God works, See Jesus, inconvenience
The LORD can do more than 'enough.'Mark 6:41-43Mark 6:41-43God works, Enough
Some of God's work (miracles) involves thousands of people at one time.Mark 6:44Mark 6:44God works, crowds, miracle
Those who know the LORD still experience amazement at some of His works.Mark 6:51Mark 6:51God works, amazed, disciples
The reputation of those through whom God works precedes them.Mark 6:54-56Mark 6:54-56God works, Reputation
Disciples must realize God is at work in and around people they will meet along life's way.Mark 9:36,37Mark 9:36,37God works, disciples
God so works in the life of some they come to a spiritual leader asking the right, eternal-nature questions.Mark 10:17Mark 10:17God works, questions, seekers
God puts it in the heart of people to seek Him.Mark 10:17Mark 10:17God works, seekers, heart
Without God's intervention, it is hard - even impossible - for the rich to be saved.Mark 10:23-27Mark 10:23-27God works, Saved, Rich
Salvation is only possible as God works such in the lives of individuals.Mark 10:23-27Mark 10:23-27God works, possible, salvation
Some things God does to show it is Him.Mark 15:38Mark 15:38God works, God
Some things ONLY God can do.Mark 15:38Mark 15:38God works, God can
God works through His disciples as they walk in obedience.Mark 16:20Mark 16:20God works, Disciples, obedience, walk
It is an important necessity that Christ-followers 'work the works' God prepared for each of them NOW - not delaying or wasting time.John 9:4, Ephesians 2:10, Philippians 2:13John 9:4God works, calling, opportunity
Even when one does not understand the details of the Bible or theology, one whose heart is open to the LORD can see when the LORD has worked.John 9:30-33John 9:25-38God works, insight, spiritual vision
One key aspect of a life through which God will work His work is a surrendered life, 'I lay down my life.'John 10:17-18John 10:17-18surrender, God works, consecration
The works of God in and through Christ followers are evidence we are sent or commissioned by God to do those works in His name and by His power.John 10:37-38John 10:25-38God works, works, testimony
Obedience by faith precedes seeing the glory - power at work - of God.John 11:40John 11:40God works, glory of God, obedience
Jesus' ascension to God's right hand has resulted in God working in greater proportions through believers across the world than when He worked only through Jesus on earth.John 14:11-12John 14:1-12ascension, God works, Christ-followers
God works His works in and through those wholly surrendered to Him IN CHRIST.John 14:10-12John 14:1-31God Works, In Christ, Surrender
It is through God's mighty works that men know salvation and that God's purposes are fulfilled.Acts 3:4-12Acts 3:4-12Almighty God, God's Purposes, God Works
God has given every one IN CHRIST the Holy Spirit.Galatians 5:16, Ephesians 1:13-14, John 14:23Galatians 5:16God Works, Holy Spirit, In Christ
Those who are obeying God in the Spirit are experiencing God working mightily in them to accomplish His work.Colossians 1:29Colossians 1God works, success, obedience