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God restricts or restrains from clear view some ministry aspects while revealing them to others He chooses.Numbers 4:16-20Numbers 4:16-20Limits, God Chooses, God Reveals
God speaks or reveals His Word and will so His people can know and do what He says - not varying to the left or the right.Deuteronomy 5:32Deuteronomy 5:22-33God Reveals, God Speaks, Obedience
That which God reveals of Himself and His ways (those to whom it is revealed), the people are responsible to God as to their responses.Deuteronomy 29:29Deuteronomy 29:29Accountable, Application, God Reveals
Godly wisdom is made known by God to the 'inner man' of those IN CHRIST and yielded to God.Psalm 51:6Psalm 51:6Righteousness, God Reveals, Wisdom
Trusting God directly relates to His Word - God's revelation of Himself, His purposes, and His ways.Psalm 56:3-4, Psalm 56:10-11Psalm 56:1-13God's Word, Trust God, God Reveals
God reveals that a great day of spiritual restoration will come.Isaiah 2:1-4Isaiah 2:1-4Great day, spiritual restoration, God reveals
Jesus often reveals Himself to those the majority would consider "least likely" to have a personal encounter with the LORD.Mark 16:9-14Mark 16:9-14God Reveals, Revelation, Unlikely
God at times reveals His work-in-action to otherwise insignificant followers of His.Luke 2:8-12Luke 2:1-20God reveals, followers
Those who are gifted by God to proclaim His Word (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers) should receive the Word (the revelation) from the LORD.Luke 3:2, 1 Corinthians 2:10-13Luke 3:2Gift Of Teaching, God Reveals, Teach Others
Disciples come to know more of the LORD over time - interacting with Him.Luke 8:22-25Luke 8:22-25Know God, God Reveals, Intimacy With God
Remember, you who are pretending (covering up something) to somebody you are not - God is going to reveal all one day.Luke 12:1-2Luke 12:1-2God Reveals, Pretenders, Hypocrisy