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Treasures for 'God Reigns'

God reigns on His throne for ever and ever.Psalm 45:6Psalm 45:6God reigns, throne
Friends or foes, Christ-followers want all to know GOD RULES SUPREME and mercifully saves those who trust in Him.Psalm 59:13Psalm 59:13God's Mercy, Salvation, God Reigns
Rejoice, the LORD reigns.Psalm 97:1Psalm 97:1God reigns, rejoice
God seems to go to great measures at times in the lives of selected ones to break their pride and reveal through the breaks Truth regarding Who He is and His sovereign dominion over heaven and earth.Daniel 4:34-37Daniel 4:28-37Pride, God Reigns, Humble
No matter how great and powerful a geo-political leader God can humble them "into the grass" and even reveal Himself to them that they speak genuinely of God and His supreme reign over all.Daniel 4:34-37Daniel 4:28-37Humble, Pride, God Reigns