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Encourage your disciples of Jesus that God will lead them (if they seek Him) to accomplish His purposes.Genesis 24:7Genesis 24:7God Leads, God's Purposes, Encouragement
As the cloud (and pillar of fire) above the tabernacle led Israel in the wilderness, so today the Holy Spirit leads (leads and more) Christ-followers.Numbers 9:16-23, Romans 8:14, John 16:13Numbers 9:16-23God Leads, Holy Spirit, Spirit-led
The LORD can and does lead His humble, submissive servants precisely to know and do His will.1 Samuel 16:3, 1 Samuel 16:121 Samuel 16:1-12God Leads, God's Will, Hear From God
Those led by or influenced by a spiritual leader ought to be able to know or discern when the leader has heard from God - received direction from God.1 Samuel 23:4-51 Samuel 23:4-5God Leads, Hearing God, Spiritual Leaders
It is good when a leader (of God's people) knows and fulfills God's will and direction.2 Samuel 5:11-122 Samuel 5:11-12God Leads, Obey God, God Directs
God will lead those with a heart for Him.Psalm 16:11Psalm 16:11Heart for God, God leads
God leads His people.Psalm 23:2,3Psalm 23:2,3God leads, His people
The steps of one in right relationship with God (saved, surrendered, trusting) are ordered (designed, orchestrated) by the LORD - Who delights in executing His will.Psalm 37:23Psalm 37:23God Leads, God Directs, Surrender To God
At any particular time, the LORD may lead His servants where to go as well as where not to go.Matthew 10:1-6Matthew 10:1-6God Leads, Christ-followers, God's Will
God leads His children by the Holy Spirit.Mark 1:12,13Mark 1:12,13God leads, Holy Spirit
The LORD can - is to be given - lead His people as He chooses when or if not restricted by traditions of men.Mark 2:27Mark 2:23-27Religious Traditions, God leads
God leads specific people (by face, name) to specific people (by face, name) in order to accomplish His redemptive purposes - pay attention to whom God connects you.Acts 10:1-48Acts 10:1-48God Leads, God Is Sovereign, Pay Attention
Regarding matters not addressed definitively in Scripture, I look to the LORD for His direction or will for me.Romans 14:1-8Romans 14:1-8God Leads, Look To God, Asking Questions