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God has and will intervene significantly in the affairs of man in order to impose His sovereign purposes.Genesis 11:7-9Genesis 11:7-9God Is Sovereign, God's Purposes, God Intervenes
God many times prepares and transforms His chosen one(s) before a mighty work through them.Genesis 17:9-16Genesis 17:9-16God Is Sovereign, God Works, Transformation
God orchestrates circumstances to bring His plans into realization for those He will use in accomplishing His will - circumstances involving His chosen people, circumstances not always pleasant, and circumstances (which when seen individually) which appear counter intuitive.Genesis 37:1-36Genesis 37:1-36Circumstances, God's Purposes, God Is Sovereign
God wants all peoples - even idol worshipping peoples - to know He acts independently and sovereignly so they can look to Him in faith.Genesis 41:25-32Genesis 41:1-37God Is Sovereign, Idolatrous Culture, Know God
God can raise to prominence one of His chosen when such aligns with His sovereign plans or purposes. Genesis 45:8-9Genesis 45:1-28God Is Sovereign, God's Plans, God's Will
Rather than being filled with VICTIM THINKING due to negative, harsh, or otherwise cruel circumstances, one who trust God can see God's sovereign hand and heart in his or her circumstance.Genesis 45:4-8Genesis 45:1-15Trust God, God Is Sovereign, Victim
Recognizing God's sovereign heart and hand at work 'behind' your ugly or unpleasant circumstance will allow you to not only forgive those who (by their hands) put you in the ugly, unpleasant circumstance, but even love them openly.Genesis 45:5-15Genesis 45:1-15Forgiveness, God Is Sovereign, God's Will
God is not limited by geography, location, or politics as to how He will grace and bless those He chooses for His own purposes.Genesis 46:1-4Genesis 46:1-4God's Purposes, God Chooses, God Is Sovereign
God can use to His advantage what others consider as rejects or even an abomination.Genesis 46:33-34Genesis 46:1-34Abomination, God Is Sovereign, God's Purposes
There are people in the Body of Christ - sent there, gifted by God - to carry out God's "next steps" of His will.Exodus 31:1-11Exodus 31:1-11Chosen, God Is Sovereign, God Sent
God exercises His sovereign powers and righteous discretion to grant an increase in available resources for Christ-followers walking in faith toward Him.Leviticus 25:20-22Leviticus 25:20-22Increase, God Is Sovereign, Those Who Trust God
God can impact the "thought life," "attitudes," and "perceptions" of peoples and nations.Deuteronomy 2:25, Deuteronomy 2:30Deuteronomy 2:24-37God Is Sovereign, Thoughts
God is (1) to be feared and respected v.10, (2) invisible but speaks, sees, hears, eats, smells vv. 12-15, 28, (3) Owner of the universe v.19, (4) Sovereign Gatherer of His own people v.20, (5) a consuming fire v.24, (6) a jealous God v.24, (7) findable vv.29-31, (8) merciful v.31, (9) covenant keeping v.31, (10) revealer of Himself vv.32-33, (11) like no other - none besides Him vv.35-36, (12) Present and mighty in power on behalf of His people v.37, (13) Savior to deliver His people into His promised inheritance v.37, (14) Doer of the impossible vv.37-38, (15) God alone in heaven and on earth.Deuteronomy 4:10-40Deuteronomy 4:10-40Fear The Lord, God Is Sovereign, God's Presence
The people of the LORD must remember it is the LORD Himself - Almighty, Consuming Fire - who chooses of His own accord to exercise His might (1) around His people, (2) in His people, and (3) through His people in order to accomplish His stated Word, purposes.Deuteronomy 9:1-3Deuteronomy 9:1-29Almighty God, God Is Sovereign, God's Character
Some things are of such importance and of such high priority God does them Himself - involving His people in the process.Deuteronomy 10:1-5Deuteronomy 10:1-9God Is Sovereign, God Works, Priorities
God has sovereign ownership over (1) heaven, (2) all the heavens, (3) the earth, and (4) all that is in it.Deuteronomy 10:14Deuteronomy 10:14-16God Is Sovereign, Ownership, Stewardship
God can and does engage nature to work with Him in accomplishing His purposes.Joshua 10:11Joshua 10:11God Is Sovereign, God's Power, Nature
Political and social rest to a nation is a gift from God.Judges 3:11, Judges 3:30Judges 3:11-30Rest, Society, God Is Sovereign
God may be the Source behind ruptured relationships between a leader and his nation or between nations in order to bring about God's will.Judges 9:22-24Judges 9:22-24Nations, God Is Sovereign, God's Will
Some of the judgments God organizes against the hard, idol-worshipping heathen are terribly violent.Judges 15:9-17Judges 15:9-17Righteous Judgment, Unbelievers, God Is Sovereign
God sovereignly acts to deliver His chosen servant until that one's purpose(s) is fulfilled.1 Samuel 19:18-241 Samuel 19:18-24God's Purposes, God Is Sovereign, God's Deliverance
God has set Jesus Christ as King over all kings and kingdoms.Psalm 2:6, John 18:36-37, Revelation 19:16Psalm 2:1-6Jesus Christ, God Is Sovereign, King
In the day of trouble, oppression, and persecution, those in right (faith) relationship with God look to Him who sits sovereignly over all.Psalm 11:3-4Psalm 11:1-7Look To God, Persecution, God Is Sovereign
The LORD our God is VERY GREAT - creation, nature, and man are under (dependent upon) the LORD our God.Psalm 104:1Psalm 104:1-35God (awesome), God Is Sovereign, God's Character
God has time-tables set in place and keeps His appointed actions.Daniel 11:27-29, Daniel 11:35Daniel 11:21-35God Is Sovereign, God's Timing, God's Will
In times of evil domination and oppression with persecution and killings against them, the obedient to God by faith still trust in their Sovereign LORD.Daniel 11:32-33Daniel 11:21-35God Is Sovereign, Obedience, Trust God
Christ-followers are to be spiritually alert (comes from daily communion with God and the leading of the Holy Spirit) to the people whose paths they cross for some of them are Divinely arranged appointments.Matthew 9:9-10Matthew 9:9-10God Is Sovereign, Divine Appointments, Spiritually Alert
The LORD is sovereign over nature.Mark 4:39Mark 4:39Nature, God is sovereign
God leads specific people (by face, name) to specific people (by face, name) in order to accomplish His redemptive purposes - pay attention to whom God connects you.Acts 10:1-48Acts 10:1-48God Leads, God Is Sovereign, Pay Attention
God's decisions and choices exercised through His mercy, grace, and election for the salvation of men are beyond human comprehension.Romans 11:33-36Romans 11:1-36Elect, God Is Sovereign, God's Will