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Treasures for 'God Gives'

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It may be the LORD's giving to an individual is proportionate to what that individual will (1) give to Him, (2) give away to others, or (3) share with others.1 Samuel 1:11, 1 Samuel 1:27-281 Samuel 1:11-28God Gives, Others, Giving
God gives counsel to those who have a heart for Him.Psalm 16:7Psalm 16:7God gives, Counsel, heart for God
God gives grace to those who walk uprightly.Psalm 84:11Psalm 84:11Grace, walk, uprightly, God gives
God gives sleep and rest to those who look to Him.Psalm 127:2Psalm 127:2God gives, Sleep, rest, look to God
God gives strength into the 'soul' of His.Psalm 138:3Psalm 138:3God gives, Strength, soul
The LORD gives experiences to some that others will not have.Mark 9:1-4Mark 9:1-4God gives, experiences
God gives power to those He saves to minister to others.Mark 16:17-18Mark 16:17-18God gives, Power, disciples, minister, others