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There is NO God like the God of heaven.Deuteronomy 33:26Deuteronomy 33:26No other God, God
God is a shield and a sword for those who are His people.Deuteronomy 33:26-29Deuteronomy 33:26-29Sword, God, Shield
God is righteous.Psalm 4:1Psalm 4:1righteous, God
God examines a person's mind and heart.Psalm 7:9bPsalm 7:9God, Examine, mind, heart
God is a just judge.Psalm 7:11Psalm 7:11God, Just judge
God is king of all the earth.Psalm 8:1-9Psalm 8:1-9God, King, earth
God does not forsake those who seek Him.Psalm 9:10Psalm 9:10God, Forsake, seek God
God will avenge the righteous and reward the righteous.Psalm 11:1-7Psalm 11:1-7God, Avenge, righteous, reward
God is righteous and loves righteousness.Psalm 11:7Psalm 11:7God, Righteous, righteousness, God loves
God will protect His children.Psalm 12:5,7Psalm 12:5, 7God, Protect, children
God wants His children to experience living in His presence.Psalm 15:1-5Psalm 15:1-5God, Children, God's presence
God is strong and mighty - winning the battles in which He engages.Psalm 24:7-10Psalm 24:7-10God, Strong, mighty, winning battles
God is the Banner for those who go in His name.Psalm 25:1-3Psalm 25:1-3Banner, God's name, God
God will instruct and teach His appointed the way they should go.Psalm 32:8,9Psalm 32:8,9God, Instruct, teach, way
God will guide His appointed leaders.Psalm 32:8,9Psalm 32:8,9God, Guide, leaders, appointed
God is sovereign over national sovereigns.Psalm 33:10-12Psalm 33:10-12Sovereign, nations, God
God upholds the righteous - His children robed in Christ's righteousness.Psalm 37:17Psalm 37:17Upholds, righteous, God
God is the righteous judge.Psalm 50:6Psalm 50:6God, Righteous judge
Daily - God unloads benefits on His children.Psalm 68:19Psalm 68:19God, Benefits, children, believers, daily
God only does wondrous things.Psalm 72:18Psalm 72:18God's works, wondrous, God
God is sovereign over day and night - land and sea.Psalm 74:16,17Psalm 74:16,17Sovereign, God
God is to be praised by His people for His loving kindness and faithfulness.Psalm 92:1,2Psalm 92:1,2God, Praise, kindness, faithfulness
Our God who has forgiven us all our sins through Jesus Christ sits (1) High above all in the heavens and (2) Holy (holy, holy, holy) set apart and above all REIGNING in a righteousness over all.Psalm 99:1-9Psalm 99:1-9awesome, God's character, God
The LORD God is the same - never diminishing.Psalm 102:27Psalm 102:27Same, unchangeable, God
God will bring down those who are filled with pride.Isaiah 10:16-19Isaiah 10:16-19Pride, bring down, God
God may at times bring difficulties into the lives of His rebellious people.Isaiah 10:24-34Isaiah 10:24-34God, Difficulties, rebellious people, God's people
God is a merciful God.Isaiah 14:1Isaiah 14:1,2merciful, God
God is determined to carry out His purposes.Isaiah 14:1Isaiah 14:1,2God, Determined, God's work, purposes
God may even put a very personal blessing of His presence on a spiritual experience.Mark 9:7Mark 9:7God's presence, God
Some things God does to show it is Him.Mark 15:38Mark 15:38God works, God
What God or Son of God - even any god known to man - would say after three years of life with Peter, James, and John, etc. "having loved His own who were in the world, He loved them to the end" and then to take a basin of water with a towel and wash their feet?John 13:1, John 13:5John 13:1-38Love, God, Servant
It is so important to understand Jesus returned to the Father's side from which He came into this world - to the glory He had before at God's right hand.John 16:25-28John 16:25-28God, Heaven, Christ