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Treasures for 'Glory To God'

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Those who walk with God and experience God's victory credit God with the victory.Genesis 14: 18-20Genesis 14: 18-20Victory, Glory To God, Walk With God
It is important for a Christ-follower walking in obedience to recognize and remember (memory, photo, physical memorial) he is there by God's promises and faithfulness.Genesis 33:20Genesis 33:17-20Glory To God, Remember, God's Promises
God is concerned that His people will glory or boast in their accomplishments - over against affirming God's gracious accomplishments in or through them.Judges 7:2Judges 7:1-8Pride, Glory To God, Self-centered
It is through God's mighty works (work of His hand) that His people triumph!Psalm 92:4-5Psalm 92:4-5God's Works, Victory, Glory To God
The fruit in a Christ-follower's life glorifies God.John 15:1-16John 15:1-16Fruit, Fruitfulness, Glory To God
Jesus also lived in such a way as to glorify the Father.1 Corinthians 11:11 Corinthians 10:31-11:1Glory To God
Spiritual leaders pray that the lives of their followers will be filled with fruit (the outgrowth) of Christ's righteousness which is in them.Philippians 1:11Philippians 1:11Glory To God
Righteousness within produces righteous fruit in the life of a Christ-follower - which glorifies God.Philippians 1:11Philippians 1:11Glory To God