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Treasures for 'Fully Devoted'

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A devoted (to the LORD) offering cannot be (1) taken back, (2) sold, or (3) redeemed because it is most holy to the LORD - even as it applies to the offering of one's self in Romans 12:1.Leviticus 27:28Leviticus 27:28Fully Devoted, Offering, Surrender To God
Devotion to the LORD is to be singular (no other gods) and supreme.Deuteronomy 5:4-9Deuteronomy 5:1-10Love God, Fully Devoted, Surrender
Those IN CHRIST should pursue relating to God with their whole heart - unobstructed, fully devoted heart for God.Psalm 119:1-88Psalm 119:1-88Intimate Relationship, Fully Devoted, Whole Heart
The LORD, Himself, is to be the Center-Point of one's life; whether dealing with family matters, military defense, or personal lifestyle.Psalm 127:1-3Psalm 127:1-3Christ-followers, Focus On The Lord, Fully Devoted
Devotion to the LORD is good, right, and will be rewarded now and later.Luke 10:42Luke 10:42Devotion, Fully Devoted, Rewards
Some followers of Christ will die out of obedience to the LORD - fully devoted to the LORD.John 13:36John 13:36fully devoted, Christ-followers, obedience