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Treasures for 'Fruit'

Some ministry of the Word will not produce fruit or a particular anticipated outcome.Mark 4:13-19Mark 4:13-19God's Word, fruit, teach
Some ministry of the Word will produce much fruit and an anticipated outcome.Mark 4:20Mark 4:13-20God's Word, fruit, teach
Those who 'sow' God's Word anticipate some fruitful results or outcome.Mark 4:14,20Mark 4:14,20God's Word, fruit, teach
The fruit in a Christ-follower's life glorifies God.John 15:1-16John 15:1-16Fruit, Fruitfulness, Glory To God
When Christ-followers continue to bear much fruit (fruit of the Spirit, righteousness, new believers with some 30 times, 60 times, and 100 times), the Father (Vinedresser) is indeed glorified.John 15:8John 15:8glorify God, fruit, intimacy
Those IN CHRIST were (1) chosen by the LORD and (2) appointed (to a ministry in the body) by Him so that (3) as the ministry is carried out fruit would keep coming and (4) the fruit of the ministry carried out will stay (last) and (5) that whatever they might ask (in carrying out the ministry) the Father in Jesus' name, the Father might give them (in carrying out the ministry).John 15:16John 15:16fruit, Christ-followers, obedience
A God-led mercy offering is a fruit to God's glory.Romans 15:28, John 15:1-8Romans 15:28Mercy, Freewill Offering, Fruit
Those who 'walk in the Spirit' manifest the fruit of the Spirit, while those who walk in the flesh manifest the works of the flesh.Galatians 5:16-23Galatians 5fruit, flesh, walk with God
Christ-followers are urged to learn by experience the value of engaging in or applying oneself in good works (even honest labor) so that they can meet urgent or pressing needs that arise - meeting such needs produces fruit.Titus 3:14Titus 3:12-15good works, fruit, Christ-followers