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Treasures for 'Freedom'

When no other means is available, those in the LORD may be led by God to purchase their food - do business with - from idol worshippers.Genesis 42:1-5Genesis 42:1-38Freedom, God's Will, Idolatrous Culture
God brings His chosen people out of the bondage in which He finds them to set them free to know Him and do His will.Deuteronomy 6:20-23Deuteronomy 6:20-25Freedom, God's Deliverance, God's Will
Those in Christ who are led or forced to live in the midst of an idolatrous culture are free to serve the peoples - even in the government - but not serve and worship idols and false gods.Daniel 3:12, Daniel 3:17-18Daniel 3:10-18False Gods, Worship, Freedom
Faithfulness to God (not simply religious rituals) may cost the faithful their liberty or their life.Daniel 3:21-23Daniel 3:19-25Dedication, Faithfulness, Freedom
Those faithfully standing IN CHRIST in idolatrous cultures have the freedom to accept rewards and gifts or humbly reject or ignore rewards and gifts.Daniel 5:16-17, Daniel 2:48Daniel 5:1-31Freedom, Idolatrous Culture, In Christ