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Treasures for 'Forgiveness'

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Recognizing God's sovereign heart and hand at work 'behind' your ugly or unpleasant circumstance will allow you to not only forgive those who (by their hands) put you in the ugly, unpleasant circumstance, but even love them openly.Genesis 45:5-15Genesis 45:1-15Forgiveness, God Is Sovereign, God's Will
God's forgiveness experienced elicits awe and respect from the recipients.Psalm 130:4Psalm 130:4God, experience, awe, respect, forgiveness
Christ-followers are to forgive from their heart (inner man) those who offend or sin against them.Matthew 18:35Matthew 18:35Christ-followers, Forgiveness, Offenses
Repentance and forgiveness of sins are linked.Mark 1:4Mark 1:4repentance, forgiveness
There is no hope of forgiveness for those who revile the Spirit of God and His work.Mark 3:28-30Mark 3:28-30Blaspheme, No forgiveness, forgiveness
Forgiveness is requisite among disciples of Jesus Christ.Mark 11:25,26Mark 11:25,26disciples, forgiveness
When one realizes the magnitude of the forgiveness from God in his salvation, that's one will unashamedly love the LORD.Luke 7:36-50Luke 7:36-50love God, forgiveness
Faith in the person and work of Christ results in forgiveness of one sins.Luke 7:36-50Luke 7:36-50forgiveness, faith