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Treasures for 'Followers'

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A Spirit-filled servant of the LORD humbly points his disciples to Jesus - FOLLOW JESUS.John 1:36-37John 1:36-37Followers, Servants
Followers of Christ are to do heartily - as to the LORD - whatever they do.Colossians 3:23Colossians 3:23-25Disciples, Followers
Leaders help their followers keep on the right assignment.Mark 1:38Mark 1:38assignment, leaders, followers
From the mass of followers, some are chosen out for specific assignments.Mark 3:13-15Mark 3:13-15Specific assignments, followers, Chosen
Leaders lead - give direction to - those who follow.Mark 4:35Mark 4:35Spiritual leadership, followers, Lead
Sometimes followers don't catch the full dimension of one's leadership - but see them as one dimensional.Mark 4:38,41Mark 4:38, 41leadership, disciples, followers
A follower of Jesus cannot be ashamed of his relationship with Jesus.Mark 8:38Mark 8:38followers, disciples, ashamed
Some followers of Jesus may ultimately betray the LORD.Mark 14:43-45Mark 14:43-45Jesus, betray, Lord, followers
God at times reveals His work-in-action to otherwise insignificant followers of His.Luke 2:8-12Luke 2:1-20God reveals, followers