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Treasures for 'Filled With Wisdom'

Recognize there are in the body of Christ those who are more spiritually mature - those gifted by the Spirit with more spiritual wisdom and understanding - whose counsel should be sought when faced with difficult decisions or choices.Deuteronomy 17:8-11Deuteronomy 17:8-13Body Of Christ, Filled With Wisdom, Maturity
Spiritual leaders need to be filled with the Spirit of wisdom in order to lead God's people.Deuteronomy 34:9Deuteronomy 34:9filled with Wisdom, spiritual leaders
Those who would lead God's people need to be full of God's Spirit and the wisdom He produces to apply God's Word in daily life.Deuteronomy 34:9Deuteronomy 34:9Apply God\'s Word, Filled With Wisdom, Spirit-filled
Real wisdom and understanding come through God's Word - believe it, meditate on it, and apply it.Psalm 119:97-100Psalm 119:97-100Apply God\\\'s Word, Filled With Wisdom, God\'s Word Open