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Treasures for 'Fellowship'

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Those who trust in God and experience His mercy fellowship together and encourage one another.Psalm 52:8-9Psalm 52:8-9Encouragement, Fellowship, Those Who Trust God
Those who walk with God are not to walk in close fellowship with those who don't walk with God.Isaiah 2:22Isaiah 2:22fellowship, walk with God
Those 'touched' by Jesus want to be with Him and follow Him.Mark 5:18-20Mark 5:18-20fellowship, Follow Jesus, Touched
As Jesus invited His disciples to fellowship with Him over a meal, so Christ-followers can invite their disciples to fellowship with them over a meal.John 20:12John 20:12Disciple-maker, Fellowship, Meal
God can produce great love and friendship between a teacher of the Word and receptive audience - so much so that parting company can bring real tears flowing by all present.Acts 20:37-38Acts 20:37-38teaching, relationship, fellowship
Fellow Christ-followers kneeling in prayer together can be a real sign of fellowship in the Spirit.Acts 21:4-5Acts 21:4-5fellowship, prayer, Spirit-led
Through the common call of discipleship - developing Christ-followers - God can raise up warm relationships between fellow-disciples rather quickly.Acts 21:4-5Acts 21:4-5relationship, fellowship, discipleship
Fellow leaders - being used greatly, out front, maybe for years, known among Christ-followers and Spirit-filled - will take opportunity to meet and fellowship when they find themselves in the same area.Acts 21:7-10Acts 21:7-10relationship, fellowship, leaders
Disciples who have given and received ministry among each other want to be together where they sense God is going to work - to encourage and support one another.Acts 21:15-17Acts 21:15-20fellowship, encouragement, support