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Treasures for 'Fear The Lord'

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God is (1) to be feared and respected v.10, (2) invisible but speaks, sees, hears, eats, smells vv. 12-15, 28, (3) Owner of the universe v.19, (4) Sovereign Gatherer of His own people v.20, (5) a consuming fire v.24, (6) a jealous God v.24, (7) findable vv.29-31, (8) merciful v.31, (9) covenant keeping v.31, (10) revealer of Himself vv.32-33, (11) like no other - none besides Him vv.35-36, (12) Present and mighty in power on behalf of His people v.37, (13) Savior to deliver His people into His promised inheritance v.37, (14) Doer of the impossible vv.37-38, (15) God alone in heaven and on earth.Deuteronomy 4:10-40Deuteronomy 4:10-40Fear The Lord, God Is Sovereign, God's Presence
Awe of and reverence toward God are involved in doing what God says by faith.Deuteronomy 5:29Deuteronomy 5:29Awe, Obedience, Fear The Lord
Those who fear the LORD walk in His ways.Psalm 128:1Psalm 128:1Walk, God's ways, Fear the Lord
A release of God's real power ought to strike fear and awe in the witnesses of the release.Luke 5:8-10Luke 5:8-10Fear The Lord, God's Power, Witnesses
With multiple manifestations of God Himself in a localized area where God's Word is proclaimed daily, there comes a holy awe or fear of God that impacts the people of the local area.Acts 19:17Acts 19:8-18Experience God, Fear The Lord, God's Word Open