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Treasures for 'Father'

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Sometimes it is God our Father who sends one of His faithful, chosen ones into an idolatrous culture - sending that one for His redemptive purposes.Genesis 45:7-8Genesis 45:1-28Faithful, Father, Idolatrous Culture
If externally focused religious leaders didn't like Jesus claiming in His day God as His Father, how much less will they like Christ-followers today claiming God (through faith in Jesus Christ) as their Father.John 5:17-18, John 20:17John 5:1-47Child Of God, External Religion, Father
Christ-followers would do well to proclaim to others what they hear and receive from their Father.John12:50, John 20:17John 12:1-50Father, God's Word, Hear God
Asking is part of a Father/child relationship wherein there is (1) fear or respect of Father, (2) trust in the Father, (3) dependence upon the Father, (4) obedience in or rightness of relationship, and (5) intimate knowledge of the Father (know His heart, will, purposes).John 14:13-14John 14:13-14Father, ask, prayer
Jesus wants His disciples - yes, His brothers and sisters - to know and experience His Father and His God as their Father and their God.John 20:17John 20:1-31Christ-followers, Father, Know God