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Peoples generally group around families and extended families as a culture or society unto themselves.Numbers 1:52Numbers 1:52Society, Culture, Family Of God
God would have His people group together to experience community IN CHRIST while touching broader society to reveal CHRIST to them.Numbers 2:34Numbers 2:34Counter-Cultural, Family Of God, Witnesses
Marital fidelity is to be the standard in the family of God.Numbers 5:11-31Numbers 5:11-31Family Of God, Honor Marriage, Fidelity
Between two friends IN CHRIST, one can humbly and honestly say to the other, "If I've sinned, tell me."1 Samuel 20:81 Samuel 20:8Family Of God, Humble, Sensitive To Sin
Those in the LORD who antagonize others in the LORD would do well to cease causing strife.1 Samuel 27:4, Romans 12:181 Samuel 27:4Family Of God, Love Others, Strife
Those IN CHRIST who walk by faith in open communion with God are among the likes of Moses, Aaron, Samuel, and David.Psalm 99:6-8Psalm 99:6-8Walking With God, Family Of God, Intimacy With God
God deserves praise everyday - especially from those humble ones who have been redeemed and share in His family.Psalm 113:1-9Psalm 113:1-9Family Of God, Praise God, Worship God
A disciple of Christ needs to ask, 'Who are my mother and brothers and sisters?'Mark 3:31-33Mark 3:31-33Family of God, relationship, disciples
Christ-followers involved in doing God's will experience the family of God - all relatives IN CHRIST.Mark 3:33-35Mark 3:33-35Family Of God, In Christ, Personal Relationship
Christ-followers belong to a kingdom that is not of THIS WORLD, not from here.John 18:36-37John 18:1-40Family Of God, Kingdom, King
The body of Christ should use its God-given gift of discernment to judge matters between believers.1 Corinthians 6:1-81 Corinthians 6:1-8Discernment, Righteous Judgment, Family Of God