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Treasures for 'Faithfulness'

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A faithful servant of God should serve his employer AS UNTO THE LORD and let God's hand on his life be evident. Genesis 39:1-6, Colossians 3:23Genesis 39:1-6Faithful, Faithfulness, God's Work
If it seems you are forgotten by others, continue faithfully in Christ for God has not forgotten you - a greater day of service will come.Genesis 40:14, Genesis 40:23, Genesis 41:1-14Genesis 40:1-23Faithfulness, Serve God
God speaks and acts to demonstrate His faithfulness that His people might believe Him so they will obey Him in doing His will.Numbers 33:50-51Numbers 33:50-51Obedience, Faithfulness, God Works
The man of God who (out of intimacy) has received God's instructions or directions can fasten himself on what God said and resolutely proceed to do God's expressed will while avoiding fear and discouragement - all because he knows God is with him in his obedience by faith.Joshua 1:1-9Joshua 1:1-9Obedience, Faithfulness, Intimacy With God
God has a remnant of faithful honoring Him in the darkest of spiritual days / places.1 Kings 19:181 Kings 19darkness, remnant, faithfulness
Sometimes a faithful messenger / prophet of God is given by God a negative / judgmental (even death sentence) word to pass on to the people.2 Kings 1:3-42 Kings 1God's Word, judgment, faithfulness
God can not only level the playing field but tilt it in your favor as an obedient-by-faith servant.2 Kings 1:13-152 Kings 1disciple, obedience, faithfulness
It is temporally and eternally worth it all to stay true to God's Word.Psalm 19:11Psalm 19:11Faithfulness, God's Word, Priorities
Deep-heart, challenged faithfulness to God is actually quite rare in the midst of idolatrous cultures - also rare even among those who name God's name.Daniel 3:12, Daniel 3:18Daniel 3:10-18Faithfulness, Genuine, Obedience
Faithfulness to God (not simply religious rituals) may cost the faithful their liberty or their life.Daniel 3:21-23Daniel 3:19-25Dedication, Faithfulness, Freedom
When a Christ-follower living faithfully in an idolatrous culture is invited to speak God's revealed Truth, he or she must speak with courage, trust, and the Holy Spirit - particularly when the Word convicts leaders in that idolatrous culture.Daniel 4:26-27Daniel 4:19-27God's Word, Faithfulness, Spirit-led
In the days when Jesus, the King of kings, will come again only a minute few over the world will be faithful and watching for Him.Matthew 24:36-47Matthew 24:36-47Faithfulness, King of Kings, Christ Returns
Christ's servants, who upon completion of an assignment or ministry (regardless of apparent magnitude, outcome, or acclaim), should not seek accolades, celebrations, or special compensation - but, simply acknowledge from the heart, "We did our duty unto Christ."Luke 17:10Luke 17:10Faithfulness, Obedience, Will Of God
Those in humble faithful service to God may be (1) made a spectacle, (2) condemned to death, (3) fools, (4) weak, (5) dishonored, (6) hungry, thirsty, (7) poorly clothed, (8) beaten, (9) homeless, (10) laboring, (11) reviled, (12) persecuted, (13) defamed, (14) filth of the world, and / or (15) offscouring.2 Corinthians 4:9-132 Corinthians 4suffer, faithfulness, obedience
Christ-followers must HOLD FAST GOD'S WORD - especially in these later days.Philippians 2:16Philippians 2dedication, God's Word, faithfulness
Son who serve God faithfully by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and explaining God's Word will be considered an evildoer or incarcerated in prison.2 Timothy 2:8-92 Timothy 2:8-10gospel, God's Word, faithfulness
Those not incarcerated in prison yet are not to be intimidated by the prospect, but encouraged to endure all things in order to minister God's Word to the elect of God so they can be saved and mature in a local assembly of followers of Christ.2 Timothy 2:8-102 Timothy 2:8-10endurance, salvation, faithfulness