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Those who are taking advantage of their positions and favor unrighteousness may well hate those among them committed to godliness and righteousness.Genesis 37:4, Genesis 37:8Genesis 37:2-8Faithful, Unrighteous, Hated
A faithful servant of God should serve his employer AS UNTO THE LORD and let God's hand on his life be evident. Genesis 39:1-6, Colossians 3:23Genesis 39:1-6Faithful, Faithfulness, God's Work
A Christ-follower - even in the position of being a purchased slave residing in an idolatrous culture - can be in the favor of God, a recipient of Divine presence, Divine power, and Divine providence. Genesis 39:1-6Genesis 39:1-6God's Presence, Faithful, Idolatrous Culture
A chosen by God and faithful to God one can serve an idolatrous man or institution and be a recipient of God's presence, power, and providence. Genesis 39:1-6Genesis 39:1-6Faithful, Idolatrous Culture
Those God graces with management or leadership abilities can exercise it in whatever setting they find themselves.Genesis 39:21-23, Genesis 39:2-4Genesis 39:20-23Grace, Faithful, Leadership
One who knows about God, knows God experientially, and walks faithfully with God can be used by God - even if confined in an idolatrous culture.Genesis 40:1-8Genesis 40:1-23Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Know God
The perceived 'time delays' the faithful in Christ experience are being used by God to further develop the faithful for greater service to the kingdom of God.Genesis 40:14, Genesis 40:23, Genesis 41:1-16Genesis 40:1-23Faithful, God's Timing, Kingdom Of God
Those faithful to and in close relationship with God in an idolatrous culture recognize and take opportunity to speak truth about God.Genesis 41:15-16Genesis 41:1-37Truth, Faithful, Idolatrous Culture
God chooses to make a few among His faithful to be very wise and able leaders at the early age of thirty.Genesis 41:46Genesis 41:38-57Grace, Leaders, Faithful
Peoples in an idolatrous - false religion - culture may see themselves as 'above' or 'superior' to those who worship and obey God - so much so as to not even sit together to share a meal at the same table.Genesis 43:32Genesis 43:1-34Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Ostracized
Sometimes it is God our Father who sends one of His faithful, chosen ones into an idolatrous culture - sending that one for His redemptive purposes.Genesis 45:7-8Genesis 45:1-28Faithful, Father, Idolatrous Culture
On some subjects or matters God says to His faithful - even ones greatly used and widely popular - "I don't want you to ask (pray) Me about that matter again."Deuteronomy 3:24-26Deuteronomy 3:23-29Answers To Prayer, Prayer, Faithful
God will bring to pass His Word.Deuteronomy 12:29Deuteronomy 12:29faithful, God's Word
God causes some few people to care about / care for His faithful servants.2 Kings 4:8-102 Kings 4faithful, providence, caring
The faithful will dwell in God's presence.Psalm 101:6Psalm 101:6God's presence, dwell, faithful
One who walks with God should be continuously learning - pursuing and applying knowledge (things learned) into his or her life.Proverbs 19:2Proverbs 19:2Application, Faithful, Learners
God intervenes in sparing the life of those He is using to speak His Word into dark, idolatrous cultures.Daniel 2:30, Daniel 2:36, Daniel 2:49Daniel 2:26-49God's Work, Faithful, God's Will
The LORD may choose to "show up" personally at the very time faithful Christ-followers are about to pay the ultimate price in faithfulness.Daniel 3:24-25Daniel 3:19-25Faithful, God's Presence, God's Work
God may - as He can and has - deliver His faithful, obedient servants from what otherwise is certain death.Daniel 3:23-27Daniel 3:26-30Deliverance, God's Work, Faithful
Sometimes God's deliverance of His faithful servants (God's direct work) is so 'in your face' obvious even the highly educated in an idol-worshipping culture can and do identify 'the deliverance or work' as God, Himself.Daniel 3:26-27Daniel 3:26-30Deliverance, God's Works, Faithful
A faithful Christ-follower in an idolatrous culture may be highly rewarded and visible at one time yet quietly unknown at another time.Daniel 5:10-13, Daniel 2:48Daniel 5:1-31Faithful, God Works, Idolatrous Culture
Even a relatively forgotten, quite elderly, faithful servant of God in an idolatrous culture may be given an opportunity to speak again for God in public (maybe at the highest level) and by God's grace do so with boldness, truth, revelation, and humility.Daniel 5:22-28Daniel 5:17-31Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Witness
A godly man can be true to God and in life's circumstances serve a leader in a high position in an idolatrous culture - the godly man being of excellent spirit, unquestioned integrity, and faithful execution of his responsibilities.Daniel 6:1-4Daniel 6:1-10Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Witness
How can a God-honoring person carry on and even succeed while living in an idolatrous culture? Answer: this one's life is deeply dedicated to a disciplined prayer life, having a dynamic communion with God.Daniel 6:10Daniel 6:1-10Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Witness
Personal, private daily devotions to God should remain in place if not increase or intensify when a Christ-follower is under cultural pressure otherwise.Daniel 6:10-11Daniel 6:8-13Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Communion
Even if a Christ-follower conforms to his local, idolatrous culture in many external ways (name change, clothing, language, housing, etc), his identify as belonging to God should remain true and known to those in the culture - even over many years (60 plus years in the case of Daniel).Daniel 6:13Daniel 6:8-13Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Witness
Those faithful IN CHRIST to honor God from their heart - who happen to be residing or working in an idolatrous culture - can be found expressing thanks and gratitude to God daily.Daniel 6:10-11Daniel 6:10-11Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Thanksgiving
Those IN CHRIST living in honor of God daily - living in an idolatrous culture - find many people and situations to lift to the LORD daily.Daniel 6:10-11Daniel 6:10-11Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Intercession
The private prayer and devotion time of a Christ-follower living in the midst of an idolatrous culture is quite likely very important - even essential - to him or her in order to continually honor God for all of daily life.Daniel 6:10-11Daniel 6:10-11Prayer, Faithful, Idolatrous Culture
A faithful Christ-follower can work in a foreign and idolatrous culture and be (1) faithful to God and (2) carry out his work responsibilities with integrity.Daniel 6:22Daniel 6:14-28Obedience, Faithful, Idolatrous Culture
Regardless of the culture in which a Christ-follower lives, he is to trust God and do what God says.Daniel 6:23, Daniel 6:10-11Daniel 6:14-28Trust God, Faithful, Idolatrous Culture
Those IN CHRIST serving the LORD faithfully even in the midst of an idolatrous culture - may be given by God profoundly great messages which speak to generations about future people and events leading to the victorious return of Christ, Son of God.Daniel 7:1-14Daniel 7:1-14Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Revelation
Regardless of the idolatrous cultures that rise to power at various times in history or the future, God has those who are His by faith - His redeemed ones, saints.Daniel 7:18, Daniel 7:22-27Daniel 7:15-28Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, In Christ
In the future, idolatrous cultures will oppress, bring suffering to, and persecute God's saints, those IN CHRIST.Daniel 7:21-25Daniel 7:21-25Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Suffering
The all-time enemy of God and His people always strives to suppress the Truth, God's Word.Daniel 8:12Daniel 8:1-27Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Satan
Christ-followers living in idolatrous cultures must hold on to God's Word, Truth.Daniel 8:12Daniel 8:1-27Faithful, God's Word, Idolatrous Culture
Those who live faithfully unto the LORD - living among an idolatrous culture - would do well to study God's Word with (1) prayer and fasting, (2) trust and obedience, and (3) humbly out of love.Daniel 9:2-3Daniel 9:1-4Faithful, God's Word, Idolatrous Culture
The faithful (wholly committed to the LORD) remnant from among an otherwise unfaithful people will be the ones led by God to humble themselves, confess the sins of all, and intercede to the LORD to give mercy to all under His name.Daniel 9:4-19Daniel 9:1-19Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Intercession
Prayer is essential in the lives of those who are fully dedicated in faithfulness, walking with the LORD.Daniel 10:2-3, Daniel 10:12Daniel 10:1-12Prayer, Christ-followers, Faithful
Those IN CHRIST who would live a God-honoring faithful life - whether in the midst of an idolatrous culture or other - are involved in a spiritual war - - - a war being waged in the invisible or spiritual realm with overflow into the visible, material realm.Daniel 10:10-21Daniel 10:10-21Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Spiritual Warfare
A faithful Christ-follower amidst an idolatrous culture can be an encourager to others, even to one's employer or governor.Daniel 11:1Daniel 11:1-20Encourage, Faithful, Idolatrous Culture
Even in days of terrible evil and persecution by mighty armies, those faithful to God in Christ who are doing His will can carry out great exploits.Daniel 11:32-33Daniel 11:21-35Obedience, Faithful, God's Will
Christ-followers should approach the work of God with an urgency - a passion to stay-the-course and advance the work.John 9:4John 9:1-41God's Work, Faithful, Urgency
Those who reject and hate Jesus a Messiah and God's Word, because they have no relationship with God as Father (not born from above into God's forever family), wil likely also reject and hate disciples of Jesus who faithfully present Jesus and God's Word.John 15:19-25John 15:19-27persecuted, Christ-followers, faithful
Those faithful Christ-followers who are persecuted, hated, or rejected in proclaiming Christ have the PARACLETE (Holy Spirit, Comforter, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Spirit of Truth) from the Father with them - ministering (a witness) through them and to them.John 15:26-27John 15:19-27Christ-followers, faithful, Holy Spirit
When times of persecution and suffering come to faithful followers fo Christ, they need to remember what Jesus said (chapters 14, 15, 16) in order to avoid stumbling or falling away: (1) obey Jesus' teachings, (2) experience intimacy with the Father, (3) your much fruit will remain, and (4) the Holy Spirit (Helper, Comforter) is with you.John 16:1-4John 16:1-4Christ-followers, faithful, Holy Spirit
Sometimes those who persecute faithful followers of Christ think they are doing a service to God.John 16:2John 16:1-4persecution, Christ-followers, faithful
Those who by God's grace are greatly used of God should not be surprised when they encounter significant opposition, but remain full of the Holy Spirit, full of grace, and full of faith.Acts 6:5-15Acts 6:5-15Opposition, Faithful, Spirit-filled
A Spirit-led and Spirit-filled servant of the LORD will not be ashamed of where faithful obedience IN CHRIST takes him.2 Timothy 1:122 Timothy 1:12service, faithful, obedience
Those IN CHRIST who faithfully fulfill their gifting and calling and experience suffering (incarceration, imprisonment) as part of the outcome are not ashamed of Christ nor their obedience BECAUSE they trust the LORD with a deep-heart persuasion that God is faithful to keep, affirm, and reward the faithful service rendered in His name.2 Timothy 1:122 Timothy 1:12service, faithful, obedience
Do I know how to recognize a faithful man? Do I know how to commit to others what has been given me? Can I recognize the truths taught me by God (as opposed to earthly, temporary truths) and thus worthy to be entrusted to others? Am I focusing on teaching those who are able to teach others also? Am I consciously depending upon God's gracious supply of strength and empowerment to address this calling of entrusting to faithful men the 'things of God' He has granted to me?2 Timothy 2:1-22 Timothy 2:1-2God's Word, faithful, spiritual leaders
Followers of Christ are to endure whatever hardships come in order to proclaim and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the only Hope of salvation.2 Timothy 2:8-132 Timothy 2:11-13gospel, faithful, endure
In contrast to the peoples of the world in the last time period before Christ's return, those IN CHRIST must carefully follow solid, biblical teachings, Spirit-filled manner of life, God's purposes, faith centered in Christ and Scripture, long-suffering, God's kind of love, persevere, consistent with God-given Scripture.2 Timothy 3:10-172 Timothy 3:1-17Faithful, In Christ, Last Days
In a season and society of apostasy, one gifted and called to proclaim God's Word for training up trainers in the Word must continue in the Spirit-filled teaching he was given (and learned) and continue reading, studying, and knowing the Holy Scriptures.2 Timothy 3:14-152 Timothy 3:14-17Disciples, Faithful, God's Word
Even faithful servants of God who are greatly used of God in proclaiming His Word face opposition and even great resistance to their message from influential people.2 Timothy 4:14-152 Timothy 4:14-16Faithful, God's Word, Opposition
Faithful servants of God who were greatly used of God may experience abandonment or forsaking during crises by their team members.2 Timothy 4:162 Timothy 4:14-16Abandonment, Faithful, Forsake