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Treasures for 'External Religion'

The externally focused religionists are always around to attack Christ-followers for joining with the LORD to put emphasis upon a 'right heart' and 'heart-deep' faith and service.Luke 11:53-58Luke 11:53-58Heart For God, External Religion, Whole Heart
Those who have had a dynamic life-changing experience with Jesus Christ will not likely be aware of nor get caught up in trivial, external religious rules.John 5:6-11John 5:1-47Eternal Life, Intimacy, External Religion
If externally focused religious leaders didn't like Jesus claiming in His day God as His Father, how much less will they like Christ-followers today claiming God (through faith in Jesus Christ) as their Father.John 5:17-18, John 20:17John 5:1-47Child Of God, External Religion, Father