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Treasures for 'Enemies'

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Christ-followers face enemies as we follow God's leadership - enemies of human nature and enemies of spirit nature (invisible, fallen angels) - and are to fight our enemies by God's means: (1) human enemies, we attack with love, blessing, good deeds, and intercessory prayer and (2) spiritual enemies, we attack with (a) knowledge of who we are iN CHRIST, (b) our obedience by faith, (c) knowledge and application of the Word of God, and (d) prayers of all kinds.Deuteronomy 20:1-4, Ephesians 6:10-18, Matthew 5:43-47Deuteronomy 20:1-4God's Leadership, Enemies, God's Ways
Those with a heart for God and trust in God let God avenge their enemies.2 Samuel 3:27-392 Samuel 3:27-39Enemies, Avenge, Those Who Trust God
Those who follow Christ let God avenge their enemies, those who do harm to them.2 Samuel 3: 38 - 39, Genesis 12:17 - 212 Samuel 3: 38 - 39Enemies, Avenge, Christ-followers
Those IN CHRIST who seek God’s heart have the capacity and can exercise the desire to show mercy to the offspring of those who have despised them.2 Samuel 9:3-72 Samuel 9:3-7Enemies, Mercy, Others
The righteous IN CHRIST - doing God's will by faith - overcome fear of their enemies because of their trust in God.Psalm 64:1-10, Psalm 64:1Psalm 64:1-10Enemies, Righteous, Those Who Trust God
There are those among God's people who intercede to God for their enemies to "Seek God."Psalm 83:16Psalm 83:16Enemies, Intercession, Seek God
There are enemies to be faced by those walking in obedience to God.Mark 14:1,2Mark 14:1,2Obedience, walking with God, Enemies
Spiritual leaders may be 'sold out' by one close to them.Mark 14:10,11Mark 14:10,11spiritual leaders, Enemies