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Treasures for 'Encouragement'

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Encourage your disciples of Jesus that God will lead them (if they seek Him) to accomplish His purposes.Genesis 24:7Genesis 24:7God Leads, God's Purposes, Encouragement
Those who discourage God's people are fighting against God and His purposes - to encourage His people.Numbers 32:7-9Numbers 32:7-9Discouragement, Encouragement, Against God
The victories granted by God in our past are encouragements to trust the LORD, overcome fear, and fight new and greater battles ahead.Deuteronomy 3:18-22Deuteronomy 3:1-22Encouragement, Trust God, Victory
Spiritual leaders must know and remind the people of God (1) what God has said and (2) to put into practice what God has said.Deuteronomy 5:1-3Deuteronomy 5:1-10Obedience, Encouragement, Spiritual Leaders
A great leader knows he needs to encourage people to "push on forward" who are facing a notable challenge.Joshua 17:17-18Joshua 17:17-18Leadership, Obstacles, Encouragement
Hospitality of the people of God for one another (especially within a people group) is an encouragement as one travels.Judges 19:20-21Judges 19:20-21Encouragement, One Another, Hospitality
Those who trust in God and experience His mercy fellowship together and encourage one another.Psalm 52:8-9Psalm 52:8-9Encouragement, Fellowship, Those Who Trust God
Whereas worry makes the inner man sick / unhealthy, a 'good word' (encouragement) makes the inner man glad / more strong / more healthy.Proverbs 12:25Proverbs 12encouragement, worry, inner man
A proper, obedient servant of God urges the people to pursue the knowledge of God - seek to know God with knowledge and experience.Hosea 6:3,6Hosea 6:3, 6encouragement, seek God, discipleship
Disciples who have given and received ministry among each other want to be together where they sense God is going to work - to encourage and support one another.Acts 21:15-17Acts 21:15-20fellowship, encouragement, support
Spiritual leaders also need to receive ministry from those team members or disciples working with them in God's work.2 Timothy 1:16-182 Timothy 1:16-18encouragement, spiritual leaders, disciples