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Treasures for 'Elders'

A spiritual leader serving in an apostolic role or involved in church planting (contemporary term) exercises the responsibility to guide the assemblies to a correct order of operation - where some order is missing or lacking - and appoint elders in each assembly - both of these exercises involve specific details.Titus 1:5-6Titus 1:5-6spiritual leaders, elders, church planting
Qualifications to be appointed an elder in a local assembly of believers focus on one's character: (1) no standing accusations, (2) husband of one wife, and (3) obedient children, submissive to parents.Titus 1:5-6Titus 1:5-9bishop, qualifications, elders
For an elder to be selected as an overseer - a trust given by God to manage - he must further qualify (beyond as an elder) (1) selfless, (2) patient, (3) drinks little or no wine, (4) non-violent, (5) doesn't chase money, (6) loves people, (7) prudent, (8) just, (9) holy, (10) self-controlled, (11) holds firmly to God's truth (knows it and applies it), and (12) able through teaching God's Word to exhort (personally instruct) and expose false teaching.Titus 1:7-9Titus 1:5-9bishop, qualifications, elders
Apostolic or church planting spiritual leaders often work in teams so as to be able to work in more than one location (assembly) at a time.Titus 1:5-6Titus 1:5-6spiritual leaders, elders, church planting
The elders who serve a local assembly as an overseer (episkopos) need to be qualified before selected.Titus 1:5-9Titus 1:5-9bishop, qualifications, elders
Spiritual leaders must know and hold fast to God's Word as taught by God's Spirit and confirmed - especially where assemblies of Christ-followers are relatively new or young in faith BECAUSE deceivers and false teachers - sometimes even professing knowledge of God (not actually under Christ's lordship) try to subvert those not grounded in sound doctrine.Titus 1:10-16Titus 1:10-16teaching, God's Word, elders
There are those who profess or assent to know God but their lives are consistently contradictory to knowing God (destable, hard-headed, unpersuadable) such are disqualified, unworthy, rejected from spiritual service - especially from leadership roles.Titus 1:10-16Titus 1:10-16teaching, God's Word, elders