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Treasures for 'Doctrine'

Spiritual leaders and their churches need strictly warned to not deviate from the sound teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the practice of God's Word.1 Timothy 1:31 Timothy 1:3God's Word, spiritual leaders, doctrine
Spiritual leaders and churches should pay no attention to fictitous accounts and family trees (which lead to disputes, but) rather than trusting God to adminstrate things.1 Timothy 1:41 Timothy 1:4-7spiritual leaders, doctrine
Those IN CHRIST with a proclamation gift are to teach no other (no variation) doctrine than (1) God desires all men to be saved, (2) the saved to increasingly know Divine truth, (3) truth of which there is one indeed God, (4) there is one Mediator (Jesus Christ) between God and men, (5) THIS JESUS gave Himself a ransom for all (ransom being what is given in exchange for another as the price of his redemption), (6) the giving of Himself testified to or attested to at the proper time - THIS DOCTRINE is the truth we IN CHRIST proclaim, carry to others, speak, and teach.1 Timothy 2:5-7, 1 Timothy 1:31 Timothy 2:5-7gospel, truth, doctrine
Those teaching doctrines of demons will one day be teaching followers of Christ not to get married and commanding them to avoid certain foods in order to please God.1 Timothy 4:1-31 Timothy 4:1-5teaching, false teachers, doctrine