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Treasures for 'Divine Appointments'

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Those who walk in humble submission to God, following His leadership, worship God as they experience Divine encounters in fulfilling His purposes.Genesis 24:8Genesis 24:1-66Experience God, Divine Appointments, Submission
Christ-followers are to be spiritually alert (comes from daily communion with God and the leading of the Holy Spirit) to the people whose paths they cross for some of them are Divinely arranged appointments.Matthew 9:9-10Matthew 9:9-10God Is Sovereign, Divine Appointments, Spiritually Alert
Crossings paths with Jesus can be the greatest day of one's life whether demon possessed, personally disparate religious leader, a physically ill woman, or a little girl.Mark 5:1-43Mark 5:1-43Come To Jesus, Divine Appointments, God's Sovereignty
Christ-followers move about according to God's leadership in order to fulfill the Divine appointments with those who are to have an encounter with God.Mark 7:24-37Mark 7:24-37Divine Appointments, Experience God, God\'s Leadership