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Treasures for 'Discouragement'

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Those who discourage God's people are fighting against God and His purposes - to encourage His people.Numbers 32:7-9Numbers 32:7-9Discouragement, Encouragement, Against God
Discouragement is infectious.Deuteronomy 20:8Deuteronomy 20:8discouragement
Discouragement must be healed or removed from a group lest it spread.Deuteronomy 20:8Deuteronomy 20:8discouragement
It is a spiritual leader's responsibility to remove discouragement from the ranks of workers before it infects all.Deuteronomy 20:8Deuteronomy 20:8Spiritual leadership, discouragement
Defeats (temporary or otherwise) produce discouragement and loss of hope in those defeated.Joshua 7:5Joshua 7:5Defeats, Discouragement, Hopeless
The vast majority of the world discourages the Christ-follower by declaring, "Your God cannot help you."Psalm 3:1-2Psalm 3:1-7Discouragement, Idolatrous Culture, World
Those who would discourage Christ-followers and attempt to stop the spread of the Gospel aim at denying or covering up the truth of the resurrection of Jesus.Matthew 28:11-15Matthew 28:11-15Discouragement, God's Truth, Resurrection
Spirit-filled and led Christ-followers should not let others dissuade them from obeying the LORD's leading.Acts 21:14Acts 21:13-14discouragement, Spirit-led, obedience
Some loving, well-meaning Christ-followers try tight arguments and tears to dissuade a Spirit-led Christ-follower from doing what he thoroughly believes - and is yielded to do - the Spirit is leading him to do.Acts 21:13Acts 21:13-14faith, discouragement, Spirit-led