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Followers of Christ are to do heartily - as to the LORD - whatever they do.Colossians 3:23Colossians 3:23-25Disciples, Followers
Disciples may experience periods where they feel forgotten by the LORD.Psalm 13:1-4Psalm 13:1-4Feel, forgotten, Lord, disciples
Disciples must pray in faith - believing God will answer their prayers.Psalm 17:6,7Psalm 17:6,7Pray, faith, prayer, answer, disciples
Disciples express to God their love for Him.Psalm 18:1Psalm 18:1Express love, God, disciples
Disciples need God's Word.Isaiah 8:17Isaiah 8:16-17disciples, God's Word
Disciples of the LORD must keep their focus on the Lord - who He is, what He is saying, and what He is doing.Isaiah 17:10Isaiah 17:1-14Focus, focus on the Lord, disciples
Sometimes disciples will mourn before the LORD for periods of time.Daniel 10:2Daniel 10:2disciples, Mourn, prayer
Some disciples let the demands of urgent pleas distract them from the primary mission.Mark 1:36,37Mark 1:36,37Mission, disciples, distraction
Spiritual leaders have their disciples with them as often as possible.Mark 3:7Mark 3:7disciples, spiritual leaders
Not all disciples are prepared or qualified for certain assignments.Mark 3:13,14Mark 3:13,14Qualified, assignment, disciples
A disciple of Christ needs to ask, 'Who are my mother and brothers and sisters?'Mark 3:31-33Mark 3:31-33Family of God, relationship, disciples
Sometimes followers don't catch the full dimension of one's leadership - but see them as one dimensional.Mark 4:38,41Mark 4:38, 41leadership, disciples, followers
Leaders involve limited trainees in special experiences.Mark 5:37Mark 5:37disciples, spiritual leaders
Disciples need to spend time with the one discipling them.Mark 6:1Mark 6:1disciples, spiritual leaders, time
Mentors send those they mentor into ministry situations.Mark 6:7-11Mark 6:7-11training, disciples, mentor
Ministers in training might function best ministering in pairs.Mark 6:7-11Mark 6:7-11training, ministers, disciples
Instructions to early or novice learners will likely vary from those given to experienced ministers.Mark 6:7-11Mark 6:7-11training, novice, disciples
Disciples are to do in ministry what their spiritual leader directs them to do.Mark 6:12,13Mark 6:12, 13spiritual leaders, disciples, obedience
Disciples and leaders need times for debriefing following ministry involvement.Mark 6:30-31Mark 6:30-31spiritual leaders, disciples, debriefing
Sometimes it is best if leaders and disciples get away together after huge ministry thrusts - helps them avoid the potential pride that comes from successful ministry.Mark 6:31Mark 6:31get away, disciples, spiritual leaders
Disciples sometimes take a simple approach to problems as opposed to discovering God's solution.Mark 6:35-37Mark 6:35-37disciples, God's answer
Disciples may experience - in doing God's will - very trying situations.Mark 6:47-49Mark 6:47-49disciples, God's will, Difficulties
Those who know the LORD still experience amazement at some of His works.Mark 6:51Mark 6:51God works, amazed, disciples
Spiritual leaders demonstrate compassion for others in front of their disciples.Mark 8:1-3Mark 8:1-3Compassion, spiritual leaders, disciples
Spiritual leaders challenge disciples by asking them problem-solving questions.Mark 8:4,5, John 6:5-6Mark 8:4,5problem-solving, disciples, spiritual leaders
Subversives may find Jesus and His disciples uninterested in playing their game.Mark 8:11-13Mark 8:11-13Subversives, disciples
The disciple maker may leave with the disciples - at least for a time) -an unanswered question.Mark 8:13-21Mark 8:13-21disciple-maker, unanswered question, disciples
Disciples have difficulty at times comprehending what the disciple maker is teaching.Mark 8:13-21Mark 8:13-21teaching, disciple-maker, disciples
Spiritual leaders ask disciples probing, poignant questions.Mark 8:27,29, John 6:5-6Mark 8:27,29questions, disciples, spiritual leaders
Disciples may have to hear things from their spiritual leader they don't initially like.Mark 8:31-33Mark 8:31-33hear, spiritual leaders, disciples
What is plain to a leader may not be so plain to the followers - at least not at first hearing.Mark 8:31-33Mark 8:31-33plain, hear, disciples
A follower of Jesus cannot be ashamed of his relationship with Jesus.Mark 8:38Mark 8:38followers, disciples, ashamed
Disciples may initially respond to very spiritual experiences with carnal, short-sighted, religious expressions.Mark 9:5Mark 9:5carnal, experiences, disciples
Disciples must do some things their leaders tell them to do even when they don't fully understand.Mark 9:9,10Mark 9:9,10Lack of understanding, disciples, obey
Disciples of Jesus and religious legalists may have argumentative encounters.Mark 9:14-16Mark 9:14-16Legalists, disciples, Arguments
Disciples are the body of Christ on this earth.Mark 9:17Mark 9:17body of Christ, disciples
Disciples can and will fail at times.Mark 9:18Mark 9:18Fail, disciples
Disciples will face very difficult experiences.Mark 9:18Mark 9:18disciples, Difficulties
Some questions to spiritual leaders are best asked away from the crowds.Mark 9:28Mark 9:28Ask questions, spiritual leaders, disciples
Undistracted time between disciples and leaders is critical.Mark 9:30,31Mark 9:30,31time, disciples, spiritual leaders
Spiritual leaders give their most trusted 'next level' leaders 'inside' or special information.Mark 9:31, 32Mark 9:31leaders, disciples, spiritual leaders
Disciples may try to hide from their leader what's in their minds and hearts.Mark 9:33,34Mark 9:33,34Openness, spiritual leaders, disciples
Spiritual leaders need to ask questions of their disciples that get at what is going on inside them.Mark 9:33,34, John 6:5-6Mark 9:33,34questions, disciples, spiritual leaders
Disciples of Jesus are to be servant-minded in all relationships.Mark 9:35Mark 9:35relationship, Servant-minded, disciples
Disciples of Jesus are not to have or exhibit a superior attitude.Mark 9:35Mark 9:35disciples, Superior attitude
Disciples of Christ are to welcome and accept those who may seem insignificant to others.Mark 9:36,37Mark 9:36,37acceptance, Accept, disciples
Spiritual leaders model what they want their disciples to do.Mark 9:36,37Mark 9:36,37spiritual leaders, disciples, Model
Disciples must realize God is at work in and around people they will meet along life's way.Mark 9:36,37Mark 9:36,37God works, disciples
Disciples may get jealous of the works of others.Mark 9:38Mark 9:38Jealousy, disciples
Christ-followers are to examine and clean up their own lives.Mark 9:49,50Mark 9:49,50self-examination, believer, disciples
A godly mentor or disciple relationship allows for questions to be asked.Mark 10:10-11Mark 10:10-11mentor, Asking questions, disciples
Disciples receive earthly and eternal benefits in following Christ.Mark 10:28-31Mark 10:28-31follow Christ, Benefits, disciples
Some disciples ask for far more responsibility than they are ready to handle.Mark 10:37-40Mark 10:37-40not ready, disciples, responsibility
Disciples not filled with the Spirit may get upset with one another.Mark 10:41Mark 10:41angry, Not Spirit-filled, disciples
Disciples of Christ are to be servants of one another.Mark 10:43,44Mark 10:43,44servants, serve one another, disciples
Forgiveness is requisite among disciples of Jesus Christ.Mark 11:25,26Mark 11:25,26disciples, forgiveness
Disciples of Christ must know the Scriptures.Mark 12:24,26Mark 12:24,26Know Scriptures, disciples
Disciples should have such a relationship with their mentor as to be able to ask questions of them.Mark 13:3,4Mark 13:3,4disciples, Ask questions, mentor, relationship
Disciples can be deceived if they fail to draw discernment from God's Spirit.Mark 13:5,6Mark 13:5,6disciples, Deceived, God's Spirit, discernment
Disciples must be on 'spiritual' guard at all times.Mark 13:9Mark 13:9Guard, watch, disciples
Disciples will come under persecution in the end times.Mark 13:9-13Mark 13:9-13Persecution, end times, disciples
Disciples may suffer oppression or attack from unbelieving friends and family.Mark 13:12,13Mark 13:12,13Attack, family, friends, unbelievers, disciples
Christ's disciples are to live and minister anticipating Christ's return.Mark 13:32-37Mark 13:32-37Second coming, Jesus' return, anticipate, disciples
Some disciples may zealously express devotion to the LORD that is not yet actual.Mark 14:29-31Mark 14:29-31Devotion, zeal, disciples
Disciples may need rebuked.Mark 14:37Mark 14:37rebuke, disciples
There is a time to rebuke disciples for their lack of faith.Mark 16:14Mark 16:14Rebuke, unbelief, disciples
Disciples of Christ are to spread the Gospel to all the world.Mark 16:15Mark 16:15disciples, Gospel, world, Christ
The disciples of Jesus are to spread the Word everywhere.Mark 16:20Mark 16:20disciples, Jesus, Word, spread
Those who would be disciples of Jesus Christ must (1) count the cost of such and (2) surrender all to Him.Luke 14:16-33Luke 14:16-33Disciples, Cost Of Discipleship, Surrender
The disciples of Jesus are to pray - never giving up.Luke 18:1Luke 18:1disciples, Prayer, persist
When a disciple maker knows his departure from his disciples of three years is near, the love for the disciples intensifies.John 13:1John 13:1disciple-maker, love, disciples
Disciples of Jesus are uniquely marked or identified by the kind of love they show one another - sacrificial, involved, and committed L-O-V-E.John 13:34-35John 13:1-38Disciples, Love, Love Others
Love for others is to be repeated or continuous and active - expressed through actions.John 13:34-35John 13:33-35actions, love others, disciples
Hving 'God's-kind-of-love' among Christ-followers identifies them as followers of Jesus Christ.John 13:34-35John 13:33-35love others, Christ-followers, disciples
Disciples of Jesus are to love one another IN THE MANNER Christ loved His disciples - involvement, commitment, and sacrifice.John 13:33-35John 13:33-35God's love, one another, disciples
It is essential as a believing disciple of Jesus Christ to (1) know for certain Jesus is the Son of God, (2) sent by God into the world as Savior (3) believing and receiving the words and teachings of Jesus as God's Word, Truth, (4) believing God 'sourced' the life and ministry of Jesus - direction, power, healings, riasing the dead, ruling over nature, victory over sin, wisdom in all Scripture, and (5) keeping a hold on God's Word (a recepticle to believe and apply God's Word).John 17:6-8John 17:6-8Jesus, believer, disciples
There are some things disciples of Christ will not know.Acts 1:7Acts 1:7Don't know, unknown, disciples
Every Christ-follower must obey God for there are future disciples of Jesus IN OUR OBEDIENCE.Acts 9:17Acts 9:10-17Disciple-maker, Disciples, Obedience
Sometimes a disciple maker will be led to take on a disciple, who of an age and relationship, becomes like a son IN CHRIST.1 Timothy 1:1-21 Timothy 1:1-2disciple-maker, disciples
Disciple makers and apostles give serious responsibilities to faithful, able disciples to carry out in the body of Christ.1 Timothy 1:2-31 Timothy 1:2-3responsible, disciple-maker, disciples
A committed, wise, and older mentor would do well to intercede night and day for his younger protégé(s) with specific, heart-felt petitions AND when led by the Spirit to encourage the protégé(s) by letting them know of his intercesions 'without intervals.'2 Timothy 1:32 Timothy 1:1-3prayer, spiritual leaders, disciples
A spiritual leader spiritually raising up team members and future leaders (1) greatly desires to spend face time with them, (2) is mindful of their challenging experiences and hardships, and (3) engages in sending them sincere words of encouragement which can contribute to a more sound foundation in ministry.2 Timothy 1:3-52 Timothy 1:3-5training, spiritual leaders, disciples
A spiritual leader with a deep-heart commitment to his team members - especially proteges - will likely be the one remembering them by name and by specific petitions night and day.2 Timothy 1:32 Timothy 1:3-5training, spiritual leaders, disciples
What do you say or do as a disciple maker or mentor when you see or hear something that leads you to believe one of your best disciples or protégés has started holding back on exercising their God-given spiritual gift(s) (timidity is setting in)? Answer: The spiritual leader (1) prays intensely for the disciple, (2) reminds the disciples of the gifting you so strongly believe is present, (3) enocurage the disciple to put that gift(s) into use in the kingdom, (4) remind the disciple of God's certain supply of God-given ability (power), love, and sound (balanced, controlled) mind available in applying the gift(s) and (5) exhort your disciple to not be ashamed to face sufferings or persecutions due to serving Christ - God will enable you.2 Timothy 1:6-92 Timothy 1:6-9training, spiritual leaders, disciples
Those IN CHRIST (especially those struggling with or hesitating to exercise their calling, timid about proceeding) need to more clearly realize the LORD has (1) saved them (completed action) and (2) called them (completed action) to a holy or "set apart for Him" calling based on (1) His own purposes and (2) grace - none of these based on their efforts or works.2 Timothy 1:92 Timothy 1:9spiritual leaders, ministry, disciples
Those who are intimidated by their calling need to be exhorted to a renewed Christ-orientation - HE saved and called them and HE purposed and graced them.2 Timothy 1:92 Timothy 1:9timidity, exhortation, disciples
A spiritual leader, under the Holy Spirit, insists his protégé(s) (disciples) continue to hold fast (keep using) the pattern or model (stencil) of sound (absent of corruption, healthy) words (teaching and training) given by him along with their basic and growing faith in God and love for God and others - faith and love sourced IN JESUS CHRIST.2 Timothy 1:132 Timothy 1:13-14spiritual leaders, example, disciples
A spiritual leader, under the Holy Spirit, insists his protégé(s) (disciples) guard carefully by the Holy Spirit (keep alert attention on) the gifts and calling entrusted (assigned for faithful keeping) to them - the Holy Spirit dwells continusly in each believer.2 Timothy 1:142 Timothy 1:13-14stewardship, spiritual leaders, disciples
Even a faithful, effective spiritual leader (influencer) may experience - in a day of spiritual oppression or an awkward situation (his incareration for obedience to Christ) - a deserting or turning away by those who previously followed him.2 Timothy 1:152 Timothy 1:15abandonment, spiritual leaders, disciples
Some who are ashamed of the faithful life and outcome of a spiritual leader may desert or abandon him when it is convenient to do so.2 Timothy 1:152 Timothy 1:15abandonment, spiritual leaders, disciples
Developing (up and coming, future) spiritual leaders not only need warned to avoid bad behavior (unbecoming, unChristlike) but encouraged by examples of good behavior (faithful, sacrificial, Christlike) found in faithful men.2 Timothy 1:16-182 Timothy 1:16-18example, spiritual leaders, disciples
Spiritual leaders also need to receive ministry from those team members or disciples working with them in God's work.2 Timothy 1:16-182 Timothy 1:16-18encouragement, spiritual leaders, disciples
Don't be ashamed, embarrassed, or offended by the faithful, obedient, suffering servant of Christ, but rather reach out to help him, refresh him, and find ways to 'touch' him as Christ would.2 Timothy 1:16-182 Timothy 1:16-18minister, spiritual leaders, disciples
In a season and society of apostasy, one gifted and called to proclaim God's Word for training up trainers in the Word must continue in the Spirit-filled teaching he was given (and learned) and continue reading, studying, and knowing the Holy Scriptures.2 Timothy 3:14-152 Timothy 3:14-17Disciples, Faithful, God's Word
Even strong-in-Christ spiritual leaders need and want the companionship of faithful-to-Christ disciples or team members.2 Timothy 4:9-102 Timothy 4:8-10Disciples, Spiritual Leaders, Team
Some disciples once faithful to Christ may later turn to love the 'present world' more than the heavenly.2 Timothy 4:102 Timothy 4:8-10Apostasy, Disciples, World
Particular disciples are of particular ministry usefulness at particular times.2 Timothy 4:112 Timothy 4:8-13Disciples, Useful