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God calls spiritual leaders to encourage their protégé coming up to replace them one day - even to encourage them by believing he will take the people of God farther in their spiritual journey.Deuteronomy 1:38Deuteronomy 1:38-39Disciple-maker, Spiritual Leaders, Trust God
A pastor and church are doubly blessed when they raise up disciples, call some into ministry, and (even, optionally) pay them over against a "hired" person from without the church - due to love, loyalty, training, shared vision, and proven life.Deuteronomy 15:16-18Deuteronomy 15:16-18Appointed Ministers, Calling, Disciple-maker
Spiritual leaders must raise up disciples to expand the kingdom of God as well as prepare them for the day the leader expires.Matthew 16:21Matthew 16:21Disciple-maker, Make Disciples, Spiritual Leaders
The disciple maker may leave with the disciples - at least for a time) -an unanswered question.Mark 8:13-21Mark 8:13-21disciple-maker, unanswered question, disciples
Disciples have difficulty at times comprehending what the disciple maker is teaching.Mark 8:13-21Mark 8:13-21teaching, disciple-maker, disciples
Disciple makers pray for their disciples to know who the LORD is by experience and by revelation.Luke 9:18-20, Matthew 16:13-17Luke 9:18-20Disciple-maker, Experience God, Revelation
When a disciple maker knows his departure from his disciples of three years is near, the love for the disciples intensifies.John 13:1John 13:1disciple-maker, love, disciples
There are times in the relationship of a disciple maker and disciple wherein the disciple does not understand at the time the words or actions of the disciple maker - understanding will come later.John 13:7John 13:7disciple-maker, disciple, understanding
A disciple maker may go forward knowing there is one among his disciples whose heart is not IN CHRIST.John 13:8-11John 13:8-11disciple, disciple-maker, unsaved
Disciple makers ask their disciples questions - sometimes rhetorial, sometimes not - as a probe intotheir thoughts or understanding and as a teaching tool (approach).John 13:12John 13:12disciple, disciple-maker, questions
A disciple maker needs to know God's timing related to what he is teching his disciples.John 16:4John 16:1-4teaching, disciple-maker, God's timing
Disciple makers make decisions, take actions, and express teachings that are beneficial or advantageious (from a maturity and God-perspective) to their disciples - whether or not the disciples undersand it fully in the moment.John 16:5-7John 16:5-7teaching, disciple-maker, God's timing
Sometimes a disciple maker speaks to his disciples in figuratevely about a spiritual truth; other times speaks spiritual truths plainly (freedom of speech).John 16:25John 16:25disciple, disciple-maker, truth
It is vitally important to hear from God, do God's Word, and minister OUT OF what God says - passing it on to others.John 17:8, John 17:20John 17:1-20God's Word, Disciple-maker, Training
As Jesus invited His disciples to fellowship with Him over a meal, so Christ-followers can invite their disciples to fellowship with them over a meal.John 20:12John 20:12Disciple-maker, Fellowship, Meal
Every Christ-follower must obey God for there are future disciples of Jesus IN OUR OBEDIENCE.Acts 9:17Acts 9:10-17Disciple-maker, Disciples, Obedience
Sometimes a disciple maker will be led to take on a disciple, who of an age and relationship, becomes like a son IN CHRIST.1 Timothy 1:1-21 Timothy 1:1-2disciple-maker, disciples
Disciple makers and apostles give serious responsibilities to faithful, able disciples to carry out in the body of Christ.1 Timothy 1:2-31 Timothy 1:2-3responsible, disciple-maker, disciples
A spiritual leader IN CHRIST entrusts to his protégé the injunction to "teach NO other doctrine" - the Gospel is 'eternal life experienced by faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ' - because of the spiritual endowments he sees in the protégé urging him to exercise those endowments to their fullest while trusting in God and keeping a clear conscience.1 Timothy 1:18-201 Timothy 1:18-20disciple-maker, God's Word, stewardship
A spiritual leader or disciple maker may be aware of a prophetic word or prompting identifying one to whom he is to commit or entrust the Word of God for the purpose of proclamation and propagation of God's Word.1 Timothy 1:181 Timothy 1:18disciple-maker, God's Word, stewardship