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God gives His Word to those servants He chooses to deliver, in His name, certain 'calling out' of sin(s).1 Kings 16:1, 7, 12-131 Kings 16disciple, God's Word, sin
God can not only level the playing field but tilt it in your favor as an obedient-by-faith servant.2 Kings 1:13-152 Kings 1disciple, obedience, faithfulness
A disciple knows God is his or her strength, shield, and refuge.Psalm 18:2Psalm 18:2God, strength, shield, refuge, disciple
A disciple desires to be pleasing in God's sight.Psalm 19:14Psalm 19:14Please God, desires, disciple
Following Jesus as a learner involves intentionality.Mark 8:34Mark 8:34disciple, Intentionally
To follow Jesus involves a yielding or surrender of one's own desires to the purpose and plan of Jesus.Mark 8:34-38Mark 8:34-38surrender, disciple, yield
A life marked by prayer is utterly important for a leader and a disciple.Mark 9:28,29Mark 9:28, 29disciple, prayer, spiritual leaders
A disciple 'in the flesh' may even deny the LORD.Mark 14:68-71Mark 14:68-71Flesh, deny, Lord, disciple
There are times in the relationship of a disciple maker and disciple wherein the disciple does not understand at the time the words or actions of the disciple maker - understanding will come later.John 13:7John 13:7disciple-maker, disciple, understanding
A disciple maker may go forward knowing there is one among his disciples whose heart is not IN CHRIST.John 13:8-11John 13:8-11disciple, disciple-maker, unsaved
Disciple makers ask their disciples questions - sometimes rhetorial, sometimes not - as a probe intotheir thoughts or understanding and as a teaching tool (approach).John 13:12John 13:12disciple, disciple-maker, questions
Disciples of Christ should have the attitude (and practice) of "I want to serve others" and avoid the attitude "I want others to serve me."John 13:13-15John 13:13-15service, disciple, attitudes
The blessing of the LORD is upon all IN CHRIST whose heart atitude remains 'service to all others.'John 13:17John 13:17service, disciple, attitudes
Sometimes a disciple maker speaks to his disciples in figuratevely about a spiritual truth; other times speaks spiritual truths plainly (freedom of speech).John 16:25John 16:25disciple, disciple-maker, truth
Because the family table (meals) is shared by disciples, family members also connect - wives, sons, daughters, etc.Acts 21:4-5Acts 21:4-5relationship, disciple, family
Spiritual leaders (men of God) have an injunction to flee, shun, and abhore the headstrong or resolute pursuit of riches and many resources - instead focus on hunting down, pursuing and endeavoring for righteousness (doing what God says by faith), godliness (a God-ward mind, reverence, loving fear of God), ongoing trust in God, expressing of God's love, practicing patience (enduring under pressure), and gentleness (meekness, expressing power with reserve and gentleness), and fight (agonize) the good (worthwhile) fight related to the faith-walk of children of God.1 Timothy 6:11-121 Timothy 6:11-12responsible, disciple, spiritual leaders
If one IN CHRIST denies (do disown) Jesus is his Master or LORD, Jesus will deny (to disown) that one is His disciple.2 Timothy 2:122 Timothy 2:11-13in Christ, disciple, deny