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Treasures for 'Difficulties'

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Some barriers Christ-followers will face in doing God's will are giants compared to others - but, still defeatable in God's will be God's power.Deuteronomy 3:1-6Deuteronomy 3:1-6Barriers, Difficulties, God's Power
Those IN CHRIST who are experiencing troubles and oppression (not brought on by self) need to remember GOD IS PRESENT.Psalm 46:1-11Psalm 46:1-11God's Presence, Difficulties, In Christ
Difficulties sent by God last but for a time.Isaiah 10:27Isaiah 10:24-34Time, limited, sent by God, Difficulties
Disciples may experience - in doing God's will - very trying situations.Mark 6:47-49Mark 6:47-49disciples, God's will, Difficulties
Disciples will face very difficult experiences.Mark 9:18Mark 9:18disciples, Difficulties