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Treasures for 'Devotion'

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God designed the heart of man for one primary love or devotion - LOVE GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART - any devotion or affection otherwise crowds out God.1 Kings 11:1-111 Kings 11love God, devotion, heart
Those who continue in sin reveal their heart is NOT LOYAL to God while those who continue in God's Word - doing right - reveal their heart is LOYAL / devoted to God.1 Kings 15:2, 11-131 Kings 15sin, devotion, heart
Though one is forced by circumstances or society (EXTERNAL) to bow to a false god, a Christ-follower can honor and trust God in his heart (INTERNAL).2 Kings 5:16-192 Kings 5gods, devotion, heart
A spiritual leader who is being used by God speaks to (1) orient / the people (society) to God and God's Word and to (2) encourage all to abandon idols / sins in order to (3) honor God with their life.2 Kings 11:12, 17-202 Kings 11God's Word, spiritual leaders, devotion
God has always been concerned about the heart condition (leaning, devotion) of those who name His name.Proverbs 17:3Proverbs 17integrity, devotion, heart
God reveals 'vision or video' messages to His called and gifted prophets so they can communicate God's message vividly to His people - repent and fully devote yourselves to the LORD God.Ezekiel 43:10-12Ezekiel 43:10-12vision, prophecy, devotion
Those aligned with God IN CHRIST know there is only One to whom they give worship and devotion - the LORD only.Daniel 3:4-7, Philippians 2:9-11, Isaiah 45:22-24Daniel 3:4-7worship, in Christ, devotion
Christ-followers OUGHT to (1) serve - do whatever for - God only, (2) be supremely devoted to God only, and (3) still be able to work willingly and superiorly for an employer - these are God's priorities for Christ-followers.Daniel 3:16-18Daniel 3:16-18service, employer, devotion
To all IN CHRIST there is to be ONE LORD to whom each one gives his supreme devotion - all one's heart, soul, mind, and strength.Mark 12:29-31Mark 12:18-49Lord, devotion
Supreme devotion to our ONE LORD may not be seen in one's long public prayers, but may well be seen in one's humble, sacrificial, freewill offering to the LORD and His purposes.Mark 12:29-44Mark 12:18-49offerings, devotion
Devotion to the LORD is good, right, and will be rewarded now and later.Luke 10:42Luke 10:42Devotion, Fully Devoted, Rewards
Some say in the 'flesh' I'm ready to die for Jesus' name - while others 'in the Spirit' ARE ready to die in Jesus' name.Acts 21:13Acts 21:13-14cost of discipleship, Spirit-led, devotion