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Treasures for 'Deliverance'

Those who acknowledge God in His deliverance of them from certain disaster worship God - giving honor to Him by giving Him offerings of their possessions.Genesis 14:18-20Genesis 14:18-20Deliverance, Acknowledge God, Freewill Offering
When God delivers (saves) people from a sure destruction, He receives the glory.Exodus 14:17-31Exodus 14:17-31Deliverance, God's Glory, Personal Salvation
Those who have personally experienced God's deliverance (salvation from sin and placement into a covenant relationship with Him) are to (1.) keep their heart separated unto or holy for Him because (1) God chose them, (2) God delivered them, and (3) God loves them and (2.) keep honoring God's Word by applying it in everyday life.Deuteronomy 1:1-11Deuteronomy 1:1-11Holiness, Deliverance, Covenant Relationship
God's people need to remember God's delivering them from sin.Deuteronomy 6:1-4Deuteronomy 16:1-4Believer's sin, deliverance
Salvation from sin should be celebrated by God's people.Deuteronomy 16:11,12Deuteronomy 16:11,12Celebration, deliverance, salvation
Sometimes the LORD hears (receives) a righteous man's own prayers at death's door for extended life with an affirmative, gracious amount of years.2 Kings 20:1-62 Kings 20prayer, deliverance, desperation
Distress and weeping may visit Christ-followers for a time, but when the LORD delivers them there will be rejoicing and praise to God.Psalm 30:1-12Psalm 30:1-12Deliverance, Rejoicing, Troubles
Those who walk with the LORD in humble submission and trust know the LORD's presence and deliverance.Psalm 34:1-22Psalm 34:1-22Deliverance, Submissive, Those Who Trust God
Those IN CHRIST who are being attacked and oppressed while carrying out God's will know to count on God to deliver them according to His purposes.Psalm 35:1-28Psalm 35:1-28Deliverance, Obedience, Trust God
Those who dwell in the presence of God know Him as Deliverer.Psalm 91:9Psalm 91:9Deliverance, God's Presence, God's Character
God may - as He can and has - deliver His faithful, obedient servants from what otherwise is certain death.Daniel 3:23-27Daniel 3:26-30Deliverance, God's Work, Faithful
Sometimes God's deliverance of His faithful servants (God's direct work) is so 'in your face' obvious even the highly educated in an idol-worshipping culture can and do identify 'the deliverance or work' as God, Himself.Daniel 3:26-27Daniel 3:26-30Deliverance, God's Works, Faithful