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Treasures for 'Dedication'

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Language, literature, and culture do not make a person who he or she is IN HIS OR HER HEART.Daniel 1:3-5, Daniel 1:18-20Daniel 1:1-21Culture, Dedication, Heart
To purpose in one's heart to honor God - God's Word, God's ways - is a potent driving force when energized by God's grace and will.Daniel 1:8-17Daniel 1:1-21Purpose, Dedication, Grace
God's grace plus God-honoring heart commitment can serve a Christ-follower well.Daniel 1:20Daniel 1:20dedication, grace, commitment
Those IN CHRIST who wholeheartedly seek wisdom and knowledge in the midst of a dark culture go to Him who has the Light and who grants revelation (lifting off of the cover).Daniel 2:19-23Daniel 2:17-28Prayer, Dedication, Seek God
Those IN CHRIST who would live God-honoring lives in an idolatrous culture will find themselves at times desperately (even to extend their lives desperate) seeking God in prayer even to know what otherwise is an absolute (unknown) secret.Daniel 2:17-19Daniel 2:17-28Prayer, Dedication, Seek God
Faithfulness to God (not simply religious rituals) may cost the faithful their liberty or their life.Daniel 3:21-23Daniel 3:19-25Dedication, Faithfulness, Freedom
The burdens or pressures for a fully dedicated Christ-follower in an idolatrous culture may be so great as to call for extended times of prayer and fasting - especially by one highly educated, highly positioned.Daniel 10:1-9Daniel 10:1-12Christ-followers, Dedication, Idolatrous Culture
Christ-followers must HOLD FAST GOD'S WORD - especially in these later days.Philippians 2:16Philippians 2dedication, God's Word, faithfulness
The servant of God's commitment to the Lord and commitment to His will MUST BE settled (in concrete) from this day onward.2 Timothy 4:72 Timothy 4:6-7Commitment, Dedication, God's Will
One should engage in the LORD's assigned ministry today as he would with the 'finish' in view.2 Timothy 4:6-72 Timothy 4:6-7Commitment, Dedication, God's Will