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Treasures for 'Death'

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A Christ-follower, who looses a spouse to death, will bury his spouse with all the honor and respect he can or has available.Genesis 23:16-20Genesis 23:1-20Christ-followers, Death, Spouse
Idol worshippers are not without feelings - choosing to express sympathy in the death of a relative of a respected leader (even a God-fearing, God-sensitive, God-used one).Genesis 50:1-3Genesis 50:1-3Leaders, Death, Idolatrous Culture
The people of God will grieve when an anointed-by-God leader dies.1 Samuel 31:8-131 Samuel 31:8-13Anointing, Death, Grief
Even strong, fast, and mighty men will fall in death one day.2 Samuel 1:232 Samuel 1:23Death, Strong Man, Immortality
God, in His providence, may choose to take the life of one who is disobedient to Him.1 Chronicles 2:31 Chronicles 2death, providence, disobedience
God will chasten leaders of His but not give them over to death.Psalm 118:18Psalm 118:18death, Chasten leaders
Jesus' death on the cross - as the Lamb of God slain in payment for our sins - immediately opened the door (veil) to God's presence; for Himself first, then for all who BELIEVE ON HIS NAME.Mark 15:38Mark 15:1-47Jesus Christ, death, atonement
If Jesus remained in the tomb, our sins would have been atoned for (covered by His blood) but there would be NO new life in Jesus Christ (NO born again) and NO power in the Holy Spirit (indwelling) to live victoriously as CHRIST IN YOU THE HOPE OF GLORY. Based on Mark 15:46-47 and 1 Corinthians 15:14-19 Mark 15:46-47, 1 Corinthians 15:14-19Mark 15:1-47Jesus Christ, death, atonement
Those who pass through physical death IN CHRIST - trusting the LORD - live!Luke 20:37-38Luke 20:37-38Death, Eternal Life, Those Who Trust God
Those who reject or do not believe on and receive Jesus Christ have NO LIFE in them - eternally separated from Life.John 6:53-54John 6:1-71Unbelief, Death, Reject