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Treasures for 'Darkness'

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God has a remnant of faithful honoring Him in the darkest of spiritual days / places.1 Kings 19:181 Kings 19darkness, remnant, faithfulness
Out of gloom and darkness God brings forth rejoicing and light.Isaiah 9:1-5Isaiah 9:1-5Gloom, light, rejoicing, God, darkness
Kings in pagan and idolatrous cultures first seek spiritual counsel from the representatives of their dark, idolatrous religions - anybody but of the Light.Daniel 2:1-2Daniel 2:1-18Counsel, Darkness, Idolatrous Culture
From a dark day in the life of one without the LORD - because of the love and power of God - one can point to the LORD Jesus Christ and declare, 'Hope and salvation will come.'Hosea 3:5Hosea 3:1-5good news, darkness, hope
Those following Christ may well encounter a brief time in which the "power of darkness" is allowed to be manifested only to give way to the eternal and awesome "power of God."Luke 22:53, Luke 22:69Luke 22:53-69Power Of God, Darkness, God's Will