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Treasures for 'Daily Prayer'

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The people of God are in a dynamic relationship with God which is designed by God to operate through daily communication - two sided communication.Exodus 10:26Exodus 10:24-26Daily Prayer, Experience God, Relationship With The Lord
God's people would do well to get on their knees daily to gather a daily portion of Bread from Heaven supplied by God.Exodus 16:14-35Exodus 16:14-35Daily Prayer, God's Word, Daily Life
Children of God have intercession as a ministry throughout their life with holiness on their mind daily and the blood of Christ over their heart (inner man) they carry the names of others into the LORD.Exodus 28:1-43Exodus 28:1-43Daily Prayer, Others, Intercession
Christ-followers in distress should know to (1) draw near to God, (2) lay their requests before God, and (3) remember (a) how real God is and (b) His previous answers to prayer.Psalm 28:1-9Psalm 28:1-9Answers To Prayer, Daily Prayer, Intimacy With God
Those who seek God's presence can be found calling on God daily, morning by morning seeking the LORD.Psalm 88:9, Psalm 88:13Psalm 88:1-13Daily Prayer, God's Presence, Seek God
Watch, watch, watch and pray for the end times are coming and Jesus Christ will come again.Mark 13:5-37Mark 13:5-37Daily Prayer, Jesus' Return, Watch
As the 'times of the Gentiles' comes to a close and Christ's certain glorious and powerful return approaches, Christ-followers are to pray incessantly and remain spiritually alert!Luke 21:24-36Luke 21:24-36End Times, Christ Returns, Daily Prayer