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People typically separate by people groups, languages and families. Genesis 10:5Genesis 10:5Culture, People Groups, Segregation
Peoples commonly group by culture, families, and languages.Genesis 10:31Genesis 10:31Ethnic Groups, Culture, People Groups
People naturally group together into cities and develop large plans, visions, and infrastructures, but God directed men to GO and MULTIPLY and fill the earth.Genesis 11:4-8Genesis 11:4-8Culture, Make Disciples, People Groups
Peoples generally group around families and extended families as a culture or society unto themselves.Numbers 1:52Numbers 1:52Society, Culture, Family Of God
Language, literature, and culture do not make a person who he or she is IN HIS OR HER HEART.Daniel 1:3-5, Daniel 1:18-20Daniel 1:1-21Culture, Dedication, Heart
Sometimes you have to break from popular cultural 'norms' to share the Gospel with one in need of a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.John 4:9-10John 4:1-54Gospel, Witness, Culture