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God's creation of earth, sea, and sky as well as day and night along with vegetation and creatures and mankind was (1) instant, (2) beautiful beyond description, (3) awesome in extent, and (4) perfect in balance and character.Genesis 1:1-31Genesis 1:1-31Creation, Creator, God Works
God created from nothing.Genesis 1, Genesis 2Genesis 1Creation, Creator, God's Power
God puts life into things He created.Genesis 1, Genesis 2Genesis 1creation
God created man in called of this creation very good.Genesis 1, Genesis 2Genesis 1creation
God created man with the unique ability of all other creation - to be able to relate to Him.Genesis 1, Genesis 2Genesis 1creation
God loves His creation - particularly man - and wanted all men to love Him.Genesis 1, Genesis 2Genesis 1creation
God created man (mankind) in His own image - making man unique in regard to all other creation.Genesis 1:27Genesis 1:1-31Creation, Man, Creator
God is Creator. He made earth, animals, and agriculture. He capped off creation with creating man to whom He commanded to have dominion over all creation and to multiply to fill the earth.  Man is God's creation to fill the earth and fully make the most of all creation - all of which for fellowship with God, Himself.Genesis 1:26Genesis 1:26Creation, Creator, Stewardship
Man is different from all living things in that God made man in His own image.Genesis 9:6Genesis 9:6Creation, God Made, Mankind
Man is the crown and glory of God's creation - says God.Psalm 8:5Psalm 8:1-9Man, Creation, Glorify God
All men are of one man, Adam, who God made, Himself.Acts 17:26, Genesis 2:78-25, Romans 5:12-21Acts 17:26Creation, Man, Creator