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Treasures for 'Cost Of Discipleship'

God wants disciples coming up to read and believe His Word concerning Jesus, His person and work - along with its practical implications to the disciples' life.Luke 1:1-4Luke 1:1-4Believe God, Cost Of Discipleship, Receptive To God's Word
Those who would be disciples of Jesus Christ must (1) count the cost of such and (2) surrender all to Him.Luke 14:16-33Luke 14:16-33Disciples, Cost Of Discipleship, Surrender
Some say in the 'flesh' I'm ready to die for Jesus' name - while others 'in the Spirit' ARE ready to die in Jesus' name.Acts 21:13Acts 21:13-14cost of discipleship, Spirit-led, devotion
Those who serve the LORD as ambassadors of reconciliation do so at a cost, do so supernaturally, and do so that new Christ-followers come to live separated lives for Christ.2 Corinthians 6:1-18 also 5:17-212 Corinthians 6cost of discipleship, reconciliation, separation