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Treasures for 'Compromise'

Followers of Christ must be spiritually strengthened and prepared to withstand proposed compromises to God's standards.Genesis 34:8-10Genesis 34:8-10Compromise, Discipleship, Spiritual Formation
To fail to obey God fully or compromise God's Word because a matter is difficult is still compromising.Judges 1:21-36Judges 1:21-36Compromise, Discard God's Word, Disobedience
The short-sighted and carnal solution of 'selling out' (and not seeking God's direction) to an enemy of God's people is not right.2 Kings 12:182 Kings 12seek God, self-sufficient, compromise
Leaders (operating in the flesh) of God's people may well resort to hiring (putting out money collected in the LORD's name) men (even unsaved) to solve their problems RATHER THAN turning in humility to God for His righteous help.2 Kings 16:1-92 Kings 16leadership, compromise, flesh
Some representatives of the LORD will do whatever is asked / expected of them by others RATHER THAN remaining obedient to the LORD.2 Kings 16:9-162 Kings 16compromise, leadership, unfaithfulness
Those IN CHRIST who would not slip (compromise, sin) humbly trust God daily to enable them to walk in His ways.Psalm 17:5Psalm 17:5Compromise, Those Who Trust God, Walking With God
Those responsible for the spiritual nourishment of God's people must not lower the spiritual standards to the lowest common denominator.Hosea 4:9Hosea 4:6-10spiritual leaders, spiritual formation, compromise