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Treasures for 'Compassion'

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Those with God’s compassion in their heart extend themselves and sacrifice themselves to meet the needs of another.Genesis 43:8-9Genesis 43:1-10God's Mercy, Sacrifice, Compassion
God's people are to be compassionate toward those who are hungry - especially orphans and widows.Deuteronomy 14:29Deuteronomy 14:29Compassion, Orphans, Widows
A mighty man of strength, stamina, and character can also have compassion on those “shamed” by others.2 Samuel 10:52 Samuel 10:5Strength, Caring, Compassion
Compassion moves a Christ-follower to do what he can.Mark 1:41Mark 1:41Compassion, minister
Jesus cares about those who have no shepherd.Mark 6:34Mark 6:34no shepherd, Compassion, Jesus cares
Spiritual leaders demonstrate compassion for others in front of their disciples.Mark 8:1-3Mark 8:1-3Compassion, spiritual leaders, disciples